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That's what threw me off, it's called fond blanc de veau back there, but just fond blanc in the receipe.
I did the l'ambroisie dish and also the Robuchon lemongrass/tomato confit receipe.
Yeah, I'm making the tube out of sheets of brik. Receipe also calls for fond be blanc and since I have no idea what that is, I'll be using white veal stock instead.
I'll be making this tomorrow. Your chicken jelly looks jellylicious. Making the sweetbreads and parsley mash today.
Thanks, brosif.
Anyone know what "gelee de volaille" is? I'm making a recipe calling for it, but searches for chicken jelly/gelatin haven't helped much.
Pressure cooker, and 50 or so minutes at full pressure.
Leather is dope- jeans look huge though. You probably need to hit the gym, bro.
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