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I'll be making this tomorrow. Your chicken jelly looks jellylicious. Making the sweetbreads and parsley mash today.
Thanks, brosif.
Anyone know what "gelee de volaille" is? I'm making a recipe calling for it, but searches for chicken jelly/gelatin haven't helped much.
Pressure cooker, and 50 or so minutes at full pressure.
Leather is dope- jeans look huge though. You probably need to hit the gym, bro.
FG, I make this quite often, and it calls for the whole egg- I've never had a problem getting the egg/sugar mixture to ribbon.http://www.davidlebovitz.com/2011/11/lamingtons-recipe-chocolate-coconut-cake/
Don't quote people who quoted spam.
http://www.bluefly.com/Lanvin-black-and-white-distressed-textured-leather-cap-toe-sneakers/SEARCH/321655001/detail.fly Size 7
New Posts  All Forums: