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I'd be in too.
Apparently, he got $4 million.
There are some pretty great deals on the Vitamix site for a couple refurbs. https://secure.vitamix.com/Certified-Reconditioned-Standard-Programs.aspx Or a newer style for a bit more.... https://secure.vitamix.com/Certified-Reconditioned-Next-Generation.aspx
Now is the time, the new ones are so good. I had a Blendtec up until a few months ago, but the new Vitamix models pretty much closed the gap on any advantage (shorter, wider container, better presents, more power, etc.) Blendtec might have had. JLhufford typically has the best prices with 20% off deals from time to time. Try the online chat to see whenever they're willing to do it. Speaking of new cooking toys- I purchased a Big Green Egg and will be trying a pork...
Why just in the winter? Unless you're walking around butt naked, I doubt you get enough in the summer too. Also, we gradually lose our ability to synthesize Vit D as we get older. One should use blood levels to determine supplementation, not a change in seasons.
Appears to be a device that sculps mangos into vaginas.
Cool, did you stick with 4.2.2 or go with 4.3?
It's good you're not defending him, because the guy is a complete douche. I felt he fed the "Stand your ground is racist" crowd with his "we must stand OUR ground" line. Yet in FL, blacks make up 30% of the people using the law as a defense.
Did you root it already?
Would racism even make it in a top five list of major issues facing African-Americans? It's there, and probably always will be, but it's hardly something that should be a focus in 2013.
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