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Because seedless lemons have GMOs inside them and that gives you AIDS.
Just wear Kevlar gloves when you're digging through draws.
The reason for the dry brine is obvious, but why the butter so early?
Why is the dude in your avatar nailing his junk to a wooden bench? Does he think Jesus hates his penis?
I've only ever had smoke issues when getting into second crack territory with beans that are better with an espresso type roast. Other than that, like scottcw mentioned, when you're only going for one crack, all you really smell is the delightful odor of roasting coffee.
Where are the $199 chamber vacs?
I'd be in too.
There are some pretty great deals on the Vitamix site for a couple refurbs. https://secure.vitamix.com/Certified-Reconditioned-Standard-Programs.aspx Or a newer style for a bit more.... https://secure.vitamix.com/Certified-Reconditioned-Next-Generation.aspx
Now is the time, the new ones are so good. I had a Blendtec up until a few months ago, but the new Vitamix models pretty much closed the gap on any advantage (shorter, wider container, better presents, more power, etc.) Blendtec might have had. JLhufford typically has the best prices with 20% off deals from time to time. Try the online chat to see whenever they're willing to do it. Speaking of new cooking toys- I purchased a Big Green Egg and will be trying a pork...
New Posts  All Forums: