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I just received a pair of the short wings and they are fantastic in both construction and fit. Great shoes! Also interested in PTB from Carmina (7.5) or Alden (8 Barrie). Please let me know what you have. I am also looking for Alden Chukka 1493 (Snuff) or 1494 (Tan) in 8.5 B/D or 8.0 wide. Thanks SF, LB
I have a couple holes to fill and thought I would ask. Looking for the above styles - Light Chukka and Light PTB Shell. I am 8 medium in Barrie/Trubalance last and TTS is usually 8.5D. I am interested in Alden, Carmina, C & J etc... I suppose a whisky shell chukka would work as well. Thanks SF, LB
Is the 8.5 still available? I have sent PM. Thanks
Just looking for a pair of the above. Gently used is fine if the price is fair. Would also be interested in similar Alden's in whisky or some vintage Florsheim Imperial shells - basically this is a hole I am trying to fill. Thanks SF, Leroy (Maine, USA)
Quote: Originally Posted by unclepoison it is me or have standards dropped a whole bunch with this post... WTF! A very generous post indeed. Thanks N!!
I have 2 BB sport coats for trade. They were thrifted with tags and I had them altered to my specs and just picked them up but I have lost some weight and my body shape has changed some. I have been doing less weight work and more cardio and am now more a 38-40 and these wear slightly larger. Anyway: here they are: 1. Flawless Brooks Brothers Sport Coat in Multicolored pattern perfect for fall/winter: Tagged a 40 Regular, Please see below for measurements. Wool...
Perhaps there is some interest here as eBay seems dead these days. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...STRK:MESELX:IT Thanks, Leroy
Here is a very nice pair of Alden Cap Toes for trade. Cordovan in color and I am pretty sure they are shell but I am not 100% sure. Excellent shape with minimal wear on soles and some scuffs that can likely be buffed out. Plastic trees are included!!!!! 12 B/D I am looking for a pair of Brown dress shoes (Cap Toes would be perfect) in size 8.5-9 medium in similar shape-value. Please PM with offers. In the spirit of this thread, these were thrifted for...
I have a few items for trade: All thrifted in the spirit of this thread - no wear I can seen see on the ties. 1. Ties: a. Burberry; 3.5" b. RT BOC Bond Street: 3.5". Heavy. c. Charvet: 3.5" d: Trafalgar 3.25-3.5" This tie is fantastic, heavy and textured. 2. Barbera for Louis Cords: Some wear on R back pocket as seen. - 36" x 30 - 41' total - Slim cut for sure If these don't trade I have no problem having them tailored to fit...
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