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shoes... Definitely not the most underrated piece of my outfit As far as casual shoes go I'll have to say a clean white on white pair of low top Air Force Ones.
I need to stretch some jeans. I heard if you soak them in cold and hang dry them. They stretch out a bit? True? Thanks.
Air Force Ones, Air Maxes or the Dunks. the AF1s are easily found under 100 on eBay. The Dunks and Air Maxes may be a little harder to find under 100. EDIT: to answer your question: I'd say the Vandals. I don't see those around very often like I see the Pumas and Vans. And I'm also a Nike lover so don't take my opinion so seriously.
Air Force Ones? A shoe that is very casual, but unlike regular sneakers. White on White is the classiest color way you can get. Make sure to get lows if you want a casual look, mids look too "gangster" in my eyes.
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