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Quote: Originally Posted by laphroaig If you're trying on one wash or sanforised jeans, make sure they fit tight because they will stretch. If you're trying on raw jeans, make sure they fit well because they will shrink after the first hot soak and stretch out again after a bit of wear. Depending on the jeans, they may never get back all the way to the raw size or they may stretch to bigger than when raw. Some jeans just stretch more than others, so...
Thanks for the responses guys! I'll try not to make anymore newbie threads in the future. haha.
I thought that I'd get those responses. I shall read more I guess! But since I already made a thread. CAn you answer my main questions? How do I know if my jeans are sanforized/stretch vs. shrink? Thanks.
Hi there. So I've been reading styleforums for a long time here. Basically everyday for while now. But after all of this. I just continue finding new things I have to worry about. I do not feel I understand raw denim at all. I'm going to Japan pretty soon and I plan on picking up some Japanese denim there. Problem is I don't think I know what I'm getting myself into. Is my denim going stretch or shrink? Is there a way of knowing if my jeans are sanforized? Do I need...
I need a Y-3 belt similar to this: I am looking for any color. I would like it to be brand new or lightly used. Thanks
Timbuk2 bags are GREAT. Look at the messengers. Durable and quite stylish at the same time.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac We R Geniussess Serious answer please? haha. Newbie here.
how do you know which ones are raw? It doesn't seem to actually state it, yet you guys know. How?!
How much do STFs shrink in the waist and inseam? Thanks.
What he said ^ My dad is mad into sunglasses so he bought me a pair of Versaces. They are beautiful glasses style wise. But in my history class (which often goes off topic) my teacher said basically what cocostella said. When your pupils are in shade they get bigger. But if your sunglasses aren't protecting your eyes properly you just opened your eyes into more UV rays. Versace is the way to go style wise!
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