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D'oh my apologies haha!
Sam, how are your grenadines? Are they unlined as well?
Here are 2 questions: 1. Are unlined ties too informal for a wedding? I'm the groom btw, the unlined tie I just purchased is a green grenadine from Berg&Berg and the tip is pretty much see through. 2. Will green grenadine and navy suit go with grey bridesmaids dresses and white/lavender flower colors?
Yeah that's what the fine print says. I'm sort of banking on the hope that they will let me stack, as a previous poster has mentioned that they will during corporate incentives sales. Assuming you purchase two 1818 regents suits in solid navy:Not Stacked = $1098 * 2 * 0.7 * 1.0875 = $1671, or $835 per suit.Stacked = $1599 * 0.7 * 1.0875 = $1217, or $608 per suit$835 is pretty steep for a half-canvas suit, considering what you can find on B&S here and elsewhere. $608 is...
Wow really it closes at 6pm?? That's the one I was going to go to.. wtf I need to get off work early then
Yes, only on Thursday
Okay did a quick search and I guess some people have been successful in getting BB to stack sales price and corporate discount together. I'll try it out this Thursday and keep my fingers crossed.
Wait, how are you getting 2 for $1120? Are you applying the 30% off to the sales price? Fine print on the email I got today says the discount cannot be applied to the sales price.
Is the 30% Corporate Discount even worth it? For example, currently they have the 1818 suits on sale at 2 for $1599. At full price the suit is $1098, so once the discount is applied, it really isn't that much cheaper the current sales price. I was hoping to use the discount to get a decent half-canvas suit on the cheap but it looks like the savings won't be as substantial as I one thought.
seriously, go to leather soul's website i think they'll have what you're looking for. so expensive though T.T
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