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Anyone got the fishtail crewneck? Is the sizing TTS? Revolve got them on sale + 20%.
I just wear mine casually in the city to go out and to work (Chippewa x J.crew service boots). I guess I won't apply anything on them till later when the leather starts to dry out a bit, although kinda worried as it is snowing a lot for the past couple weeks. When you refer to back country stuff, what do you mean? I have Obenhaufs LP, is it bad to use it on these boots? Also anyways to decrease or stop creasing on the boots?Thanks!!
Do you guys put any protector/cream on the boots before wearing or do you just wear it as is and apply afterwards?
Anyone have pics or links to pics of the fades on the N&F x Big John x Rockin' Jelly Bean SuperSkinnyGuy collab? Much appreciated.
Anyone have pics of the J.Crew X Chippewa service boots worn and broken in? J.Crew has 30% off and not sure if $187.60 is worth ordering. Only the black one is included in the discount, the brown ones are excluded
Been checking everyday on those bush pants to drop on price... suddenly they are removed from the Archive W+H section.... NOOOOOOO
I would def be interested if it was size 28. But I'm going to have to settle for a 29 in the end since no where has a 28 and get them altered.
Why won't the camo bush pants drop in price!!! arghh, waiting everyday.
How did you size on your dirty fade? TTS or down 1? Been getting mixed review on sizing for Skinny Guys, some say down1 and some say tts...
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