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I want a jacket that looks casual and "dressy". I live in a VERY casual place, in California. Most of my coworkers wear shorts and skateboard shoes to work, but I want to dress well without the banker look. I currently have a pair of as my "dress" shoe, and mostly wear different shades of 'khakis.' I would like a jacket that will match the looks of these Items and I think this jacket does so, but I wanted your opinion. Any suggestions on other things to look for?
http://www.filson.com/products/brentwood-sport-jacket-long.10141.html?fromCat=true&fvalsProduct=mens/coats-jackets&fmetaProduct=1011 ???
They have some of the nicest looking briefcases I've seen, especially for the cost. I'll probably buy one of thos in the next few months.
Post up your impressions, I'm not sure how I feel about the backing either.
Thankyou, I ended up getting one, it's not as nice as what I really want, but my watch is a POS anyways (Lucien Piccard), I ended up getting a Hadley Roma Heavy Pad Oil Tan Leather in dark Brown and the cheapest deployment clasp they had, $18. Hopefully it is of good enough quality to last me 6-9 months till I can afford the Hamilton Khaki I want (or a much more expensive watch if I keep reading these stupid...
Whats your go to website for watchbands? I'm looking for a burgundy calfskin panerei style band with a deployment clasp for around $50. Is that possible?
What knife is that? I was looking for such a knife for a while, but around $50 or less, so it's probaby a lot more than that. I ended up getting a Spyderco Ladybug 3 in Stainless.Sorry to move the thread into a different direction.Anyone know of the best value watch bands in leather? I bought a Techswiss and it looks like it's made out of plastic. I really like the Hamilton bands but anything I find that looks nice is in the $100 range. I can afford around $30-40. Actually...
I recieved my Rockfords this week, today is the second day I've worn them and most of my time is spent at my computer or in a truck. The heels on both boots is de-lamming. Not cool. Would you send them in to Wolverine or take em to a cobbler?
I'm certain that I haven't bought the best stuff around, but most of it seems like high value. I bought a Calphalon Anodized fry pan-10", a Medium sized wok that is ceramic coated (it cooks really well if I don't over-load it). For bakeware I've only bought a Le Creuset 10" pie pan and a $7 Pyrex 9" pie pan (both are easy to clean). I've purchased one bamboo cutting board that seems like it is really well made and was only $12. I also bought an Iron wood cutting board...
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