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I recieved my Rockfords this week, today is the second day I've worn them and most of my time is spent at my computer or in a truck. The heels on both boots is de-lamming. Not cool. Would you send them in to Wolverine or take em to a cobbler?
I'm certain that I haven't bought the best stuff around, but most of it seems like high value. I bought a Calphalon Anodized fry pan-10", a Medium sized wok that is ceramic coated (it cooks really well if I don't over-load it). For bakeware I've only bought a Le Creuset 10" pie pan and a $7 Pyrex 9" pie pan (both are easy to clean). I've purchased one bamboo cutting board that seems like it is really well made and was only $12. I also bought an Iron wood cutting board...
I just received the UPS tracking #, they shipped on 8 Aug, and should be at my home on monday. 13 Aug. Happy birthday to me. . . hopefully.
I ordered the Rockford, which seems to get no love on this site, from this guy 2 days ago, according to ebay I'll get them between 8/10 to 8/23 but I haven't heard anything from the seller and I don't have a tracking number. I sure hope they are legit cause they are still expensive (to my wife).
Redwing Beckmann chukka size 12d in featherstone cigar. Worn 10 times to an office job. I would be willing to trade for a similar boot Ina 13d, preferably the same or wolverine Rockford or Beckmann GT.
I meant to ask if anyone has used a Lucien Piccard for a long period of time? The reviews on Amazon are great, of course. I hope the stock watchband is as nice in person as it looks on the pictures.
I just bought a Lucien Piccard Convoy and a riveted watch band. $81 with expedited shipping. I looked everywhere for a Hamilton Khaki knockoff, and this is as close as I could find without buying a $20 ebay watch straight from HongKong. from amazon.com
I started rockclimbing when i was 20. Easy way to meet intelligent people and to have something to do/talk about besides drinking and chasing girls. Also girls LOVE climbers.
Oh one more question, I have a set of stamped cuisinart knives my dad gave me, I run them across the steel hone every time I use, but do you think I should first learn how to properly sharpen with those???
INDESERTUM; thanks for the help! What is your advice on buying used knives? Ive seen good deals on wusthofs and shuns on eBay and craigslist. I've also read reviews about knives losing the ability to be sharpened, which sounds really weird.
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