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The only classy person with a dark style is Nick Cave.
Can you confirm if Wolverine is going to continue with the Rockford Cap-Toe??? It may be a while till I can afford em but when I can hopefully they are easier to find than they are right now (in a 13D).
Shoes or boots? For shoes I would recommend a good-stiff pair of trail runners if you need a 'real' boot I would try out the Zamberlans or HIGH END Asolos. If you want something in-between I would highly suggest the Scarpa Zen or Dharma Pro (same as the zen but a high top), especially if you have to do a lot of scrambling. Zen is made in romania, I've had mine for almost 3 years and they still feel very comfortable on long hikes with a big pack. I'm sure the North Face...
Also stay away from "traditional' gym clothing, you will look like a tool. Climbers view themselves as very separate from traditional sports. Avoid the following brands like the plague, unless the clothes are beat to hell: Nike, Under Armour, Team Sports Clothing, Reebok (especially the Crossfit garbage), and especially those vibram 5-fingers (that should be a given on this thread).If you are going to buy climbing clothing use the same maxims you would for your dress...
This is quite an old post, but I'm an avid climber so I thought i could chime in for future fancy kids that get into climbing. My favorite climbing pants are a pair of Lifetime Jeans that I have, they fit me really well, are long (i'm 6'4") and are really thin stretchy material. I mostly wear those when I'm bouldering or sport climbing. If I'm trad climbing I wear a pair of canvas carhartt pants. They come really baggy but I have a serger and a little bit of sewing...
Horny Toad Smythy Shirt Dockers Slim Fit D1 British Khaki Redwing Beckman Chukka I'm poor, but still the best dressed at my job.
Any updates on the Brockton? How do they look after a year of wearing them? I'll probably just buy a pair of Wolverine 100 milers since they come on ebay for $230 on a regular basis, but I really like the look of the brockton madison.
I have to go to Vegas this week, and since I live in a small town I need to get my hands on as much quality clothing as I can afford. Are there any good discount stores in the vegas area? I'll be going to the Nordstrom Rack, but I would like to find some stores that carry Red Wing or Wolverine 1000 mile boots. I realize vegass has a wonderful history of horrible clothing, but maybe the good stuff is cheaper there because of this???
http://www.shoebacca.com/red-wing/6-inch-moc-9017.html They have 10.5 and 11 for $202 with free shipping and no taxes. Also returns are supposed to be free.
Sorry, I'm not 100% certain that I'll be getting the pair I ordered, still haven't received a shipping confirmation. What size do you wear? I'm normally a 13, so if a 12 doesn't fit me I'll be looking to get my money back.
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