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I found this jacket at Nordstrom rack for $35. It fits perfectly and has a great look for a tall scrawny guy. The problem is it is horribly made and the fabric is pulling in less than a week. If I could find something that looked similar that was constructed well out of quality fabric I would be stoked. nordstrom.com/Product/Details/3349804
If your lucien Piccard watch came with the band it currently has, then I would suggest spending $20-30 on a new band, it will likely be of much better quality than the original, if it's like the LP watch I bought.
FYI, if you have a size 13D Allen Edmonds shoe the Large Epic Shoetree is MUCH too small. I realize it is Woodlore/AE's fault, but you should have a better working knowledge of the stuff you sell.
I need another pair of shoes, and I like the bulky longwing style to match my highly textured flannel and tweed suits and grenadine ties. AE has 4 styles of the longwing; The True Gunboat: Macneil The Fancy-footed: Larchmont And in between the Regent Street and the Williams I want them in Brown, but I can't decide if I like the Grained Calf or the Smooth. I'm thinking the smooth will provide a better patina, but the grain gives a bit of texture to match my suits. i...
Is this grenadine? Large or small? I really liked the look of it in the store, but I think I would prefer a tie with less sheen. http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatProductPage.process?Merchant_Id=1&Section_Id=212&Product_Id=1673815&Parent_Id=210&default_color=Light-Blue&sort_by=§ioncolor=§ionsize=
Did any of you end up buying the NAU Riding Jacket? you should have years of wear in order to make a thorough evaluation of durability and style. I just ordered one cause it was on sale, and I think I like the Raven Color. We shall see though. I have never purchased, nor owned, a Blazer or Suit, but I know how they SHOULD fit. Hopefully the sleeves will be long enough without the shoulders falling to my elbows. I'm 6'4" tall with a 6'7" wingspan, 195 pounds with most of...
What part of CA are you from Rick? I'm near Bishop CA, we have zero tailors here, any suggestions? I'm closest to Reno and Vegas, but I don't think my style would mesh with either of those locales.I'm thinking about buying the LLbean blazer, but I have been measured at 43L, and the reviews say it has long sleeves attached to a regular body. Should I look elsewhere?Should I just save up for a first suit instead? Is $500 too little for a first suit?
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