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Do you have any idea how much the Beefroll with natural Chromexcel and tempest sole would cost? $270 + $50?
I just meant that I would want a Topy placed on the Rancourt if I were to buy them. Other than that I think the Natural Chromexcel looks great and from pics I've seen in the Rancourt thread they appear to age wonderfully.
I want a casual penny loafer and I really like the "clunky" beefroll (as compared to some of the really smoothed out penny loafers). I will be wearing them with khakis and jeans for work, I'm thinking a lighter color shoe because I already have a few pair of dark brown shoes. I live in a very dry rural area so I end up walking in gravel and dirt, so whatever I get I'll need to have a rubber sole put on, if it doesn't come with. I really like the look of the Saddle Tan...
VVery nice!!!What are you treating them with?I just recently coated my dark brown ranger mocs with snow seal because they were getting really dry despite using Allen edmonds shoe conditioner on a regular basis.
I wear my Ranger Mocs with jeans and khakis. Anyone have pics of well worn Natural Chromexcel Beefrolls?
Just scored a new pair of Eastland USA Falmouth for $150 after shipping and tax to CA. I bought a 13d, they also had 8. Made by rancourt and look like the dark brown CXL ranger moc.
Rodeo Tan Chocolate Brown I wear a size 13, typically I wear Jeans or British Khaki colored canvas pants when I need to go out in the "field" It is SUPER DUSTY where I live, so the rodeo tan is almost an exact match to the color of the dust they will be covered in, but I typically prefer darker colored boots. I currently am wearing dark brown Thorogood Moc toes with the white wedge in a chocolate brown that looks very similar to the chippewas chocolate, so the...
I have to get a pair of steel toes for work, but I can't decide between the chocolate and the Rodeo tan. http://www.amazon.com/Chippewa-20068-Rodeo-Steel-Lace-Up/dp/B00413PWCS/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1360964311&sr=8-7&keywords=chippewa+6%22+steel+toe
Has anyone owned both Rancourt and Oak Street bootmakers to compare over the long-term? I really like the look of both, but since I can't find a store that actually carries these I'm stuck with the interwebs. I do like the Rancourt price-point, but not sure if they are cutting corners that Oak Street isn't.
Kane & Unke Herringbone Trim Fit Jacket
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