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I've had it confirmed that it really is Highland that made these. I've also been told that they make the Redwing Beckman boots, but noone will confirm it for me.
Here are the Walk-Over Loafers in Tan.
Actually just got them today, they are tight, really tight, but the length is good. I'm guess they'll stretch nicely. The leather doesn't seem like cxl, at least not like the cxl on my ranger moc or 1000 mile boots.
Does anyone know if these are made by Rancourt? I was told that a company named Highland is making them, but never hear of them. Do these look like CXL? I'm hoping that they are calf.
I assumed that the Walk-Over Martin was being made by Rancourt, but I was told that "Highland" was making them-they supposedly make some of the USA Made Red Wing shoes. What I am truly interested in knowing is if these are a Full Grain Leather like that used on Red Wings, or Chromexcel like Rancourt mostly uses. I received my size 13d last night,, they showed up looking very much the picture at STP, which was too light for me, I put down a liberal amount of AE Leather...
Has anyone tried joes brixton slim and compared them with gustin? Any opinions on the Omega Automatics? I'm guessing that it's worth the few extra $$'s for the Seiko.
I just ordered a pair of the heavy in a 34 straight, but only because there was a $20 deal. The deal is still available, if anyone is interested I can post it up. The deal is we both get $20 off if someone orders through the link I have. I will definately wait till I get mine to see if I'll be buying another pair. I currently have a pair of Tellason/Filson jeans in slim fit that I wear, but I'm not very stoked on. Hopefully the fit isn't too similar...
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