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I can access it via my phone, but not my computer. . . I just figured the Gustin kids were sick of hearing negative things they have no intention of addressing. . .
I guess I'm done gambling on gustin jeans. I have 3 pair now and the waist is different on each pair. My size year old 35 straight heavy Japan's measure at 36.5" (using gustins fit guide), the heavy Americans I finally received in a 35 slim measure at 37", new. Not sure if it'll do any good but I soaked the waist band in boiling water and threw em in the dryer on high. These fit pretty much the same as the Filson Tellason (34 slim) jeans, I would call it "bell top" cause...
Have any of you received your jeans the month Gustin claims they would be mailed out? Gustin would do themselves a HUGE favor by putting longer lead times on their website, then if they for some magical reason get the jeans finished early they'll make their customers a lot happier. As it is now everyone bitches about their stuff being delayed. I would love to be able to wear my Heavy Weight Jeans in the winter. . .
Ataturk: Where do you find Monsanto Godzilla tomato seeds? I don't really care for tomatoes, but I think it would be awesome to show up to a potluck with a plate full of sliced tomatoes, w/ olive oil, pepper and salt, and wait till after all the pseudo hippy, non-science knowing liberals eat them up to tell them all about how I grew these magical tomatoes-Monsanto Tomatoes. Sounds sooo fun!
Just got an email saying that I automatically get free access to the digital version as well.
MP, Thanks! Just subscribed for 3 years.
I was thinking about getting a subscription to that mag, do you find a lot of value in it?
The inspector gave us 48 pages of obvious issues, he also said its typical for this town. I love projects, but I'm not very happy to have to spend so much for so little. Oh well American dream.
Just closed today on my own personal shit-hole. California is too damn expensive-especially compared to my household income. $280,000 for a 1946 cinder block house with BEAUTIFUL green vinyl siding. This is the best we could find after a year of looking. At least the previous owner's did a bunch of work, un-permitted work. . . no more nice shoes for me. Anyone here ever replaced their own windows? There are still 4 single pane windows I need to replace.
I'm just building a collection of knives so far I only have some "high value" knives like 3 of these (top and bottom 2):I also have this: And I just purchased this: I wouldn't consider the knives I have very heavy, certainly not german knife heavy.
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