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The closest fit I have to my Gustin slims are my Levi 514, the Gustins are 35 and the levis are 34x34. I wish I could find a decent pair of jeans that fit as well as my Joe's Brixton Straight & Narrow. . .the denim Joe's uses is not so great.
FYI: I successfully took about an inch out of the waist of my Heavy Americans (Slim 35) by soaking the waist band in boiling hot water and throwing them in the Dryer. The dryer put those terrible creases in the legs, so I soaked the entire pair of jeans in hot water (in the washing machine), then hung them out to dry for 6 hours. They stiffened up like a pair of 501's. I now wear a belt with the jeans and I'm hoping that the waist does not stretch out too much. The...
1up bike rack Also getting a friend to make this:
Is this "poor man" enough? I have a mahogany Rios1931 Oxford band coming for the SEIKO SNKL07 and a custom strap from Martu leathers for the Casio MDV106.
I have several pair of cone denim jeans and Okayama denim is FAR superior, unless you don't care how long the jeans last. The Okayama denim I have has a tighter weave and softer cotton than the cone stuff.
I can access it via my phone, but not my computer. . . I just figured the Gustin kids were sick of hearing negative things they have no intention of addressing. . .
I guess I'm done gambling on gustin jeans. I have 3 pair now and the waist is different on each pair. My size year old 35 straight heavy Japan's measure at 36.5" (using gustins fit guide), the heavy Americans I finally received in a 35 slim measure at 37", new. Not sure if it'll do any good but I soaked the waist band in boiling water and threw em in the dryer on high. These fit pretty much the same as the Filson Tellason (34 slim) jeans, I would call it "bell top" cause...
Have any of you received your jeans the month Gustin claims they would be mailed out? Gustin would do themselves a HUGE favor by putting longer lead times on their website, then if they for some magical reason get the jeans finished early they'll make their customers a lot happier. As it is now everyone bitches about their stuff being delayed. I would love to be able to wear my Heavy Weight Jeans in the winter. . .
Ataturk: Where do you find Monsanto Godzilla tomato seeds? I don't really care for tomatoes, but I think it would be awesome to show up to a potluck with a plate full of sliced tomatoes, w/ olive oil, pepper and salt, and wait till after all the pseudo hippy, non-science knowing liberals eat them up to tell them all about how I grew these magical tomatoes-Monsanto Tomatoes. Sounds sooo fun!
Just got an email saying that I automatically get free access to the digital version as well.
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