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Ataturk: Where do you find Monsanto Godzilla tomato seeds? I don't really care for tomatoes, but I think it would be awesome to show up to a potluck with a plate full of sliced tomatoes, w/ olive oil, pepper and salt, and wait till after all the pseudo hippy, non-science knowing liberals eat them up to tell them all about how I grew these magical tomatoes-Monsanto Tomatoes. Sounds sooo fun!
Just got an email saying that I automatically get free access to the digital version as well.
MP, Thanks! Just subscribed for 3 years.
I was thinking about getting a subscription to that mag, do you find a lot of value in it?
The inspector gave us 48 pages of obvious issues, he also said its typical for this town. I love projects, but I'm not very happy to have to spend so much for so little. Oh well American dream.
Just closed today on my own personal shit-hole. California is too damn expensive-especially compared to my household income. $280,000 for a 1946 cinder block house with BEAUTIFUL green vinyl siding. This is the best we could find after a year of looking. At least the previous owner's did a bunch of work, un-permitted work. . . no more nice shoes for me. Anyone here ever replaced their own windows? There are still 4 single pane windows I need to replace.
I'm just building a collection of knives so far I only have some "high value" knives like 3 of these (top and bottom 2):I also have this: And I just purchased this: I wouldn't consider the knives I have very heavy, certainly not german knife heavy.
I've had it confirmed that it really is Highland that made these. I've also been told that they make the Redwing Beckman boots, but noone will confirm it for me.
Here are the Walk-Over Loafers in Tan.
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