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NEW WITH TAGS Retail $495 From this season's line See item description: https://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/outerwear/thinsulate/PRDOVR~05296/05296.jsp From J.Crew's website: Cut to fit cleanly over our signature suit, our Ludlow topcoat in herringbone wool from England's Abraham Moon is a classic piece that instantly elevates everything underneath. Wool. Notch collar. Chest welt pocket, waist pockets, interior pockets. Nonfunctional buttons at cuffs. Center vent. Lined...
I found some old English ties (Talbott and David Evans) and am wondering if these styles are "out of style" and not appropriate in a business setting. I like the ties, just not sure if they're wearable for work. In general, are there any patterns that were popular in the past half century that are taboo now? Thanks SF.
How do returns work with "2 for" or "3 for" deals? Will I get the price stated on my receipt (1699 divided into 2) or will I get the difference between 1699 and the full price cost of the one I keep? Will I be able to exchange for a different item in the same category ("2 for 1699") at no additional cost even if the sales are not going on any more? Thanks
Is the 'charcoal tic' significantly darker than the 'grey' fitzgerald? Have a solid navy, getting the grey fitz, and debating on charcoal tic, herringbone navy, or the narrow stripe navy for my third suit. Looking for conservative, non stand-out suits for a junior level employee. Thoughts on any of the three I am considering?
Is there a styleforum SA still around?
Anywhere this is written?
I just spoke with someone at BB who says the 15% cc discount and the 30% corporate discount do not stack... Is that universal or should I try another SA?
Thanks guys. And am I making the correct decision on going for a more formal brown before going for a walnut strand? Really like the look of the walnut strand w/ grey suits, but thinking it may be too fashion forward for my 2nd staple pair of shoes.
What shade is best for someone's second pair (have back PAs) wearing in a biz professional setting (navy/charcoal suits)? Brown Burnished or Bourbon?
I am hoping to pick up brown 5th aves/strands in the next 2-3 months, are there any sales/deals to look out for? Can't wait til Nordstrom sale in mid-June though
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