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You can order them but be aware they may be backordered. Three years ago I ordered several OCBDs during the Dec 26 sale and the white ones were backordered until June. But I did get them eventually.
In case you aren't aware, some (perhaps many) of these pairs have some serious issues. A couple of years ago I was passing through CT and dropped by Shoemart. That day I was looking for cigar LHS and they were sold out, but Ed was very patient (probably helped that is was a weekday afternoon and I was the only one there) and told me I should try on some shoes in other lasts so I knew what would fit when the time came (smart cookie, that Ed). Anyhow, he showed me a few...
The model number - 2938F is the unlined dover with dark edge trim that was sold by Alden DC. I already have these exact shoes in my closet or I would have jumped on them immediately.
And whiskey is now $450 (at least for the 8.5 LWB)This list is quite an update - lots of shell and even navy PTBs and LHS on the 8.5 list. Someone should jump on those unlined color 8 PTBs for $425.
I vote whiskey - my whiskey LWB are about 10 years old and they have darkened a lot and now look like ravello.Plus I know that a few years ago Alden made a run of whiskey monks but I I've never heard of them making any ravello monks.Regardless, nice find!
The Horween blog posted some pics from inside the Alden factory: And the "H" in LHS really does stand for handsewn. I remember reading that all of the LHS are stitched by one of three ladies, so here is one of them in action:
This demonstrates the exact reason I have not purchased cigar LHS. I would much rather earn this color over time (although I do admit to owning cigar longwings because I couldn't wait 30 years)
In my experience (2 pair Brooks unlined, 1 pair ravello lined, 1 pair snuff unlined with flex sole) I take the same size and width for them all. However, the lined version is much tighter across the vamp and pushes down on the top of my foot, and this was very pronounced when they were new. Until they broke in and the sole started to flex (about 20 wearings), the lined LHS made my feet sore to wear for an entire day. I found this vamp pressure to be present on 2 other...
Both the standard lined LHS (like the 986) and the Brooks unlined version are made on the van last. The key to LHS sizing is the vamp - it is quite low. Some folks with a higher instep cannot find a good fit at all so be aware that is a very real possibility. Go to Brooks and try their unlined LHS and experiment with widths as well. Sizing loafers in general is difficult because you want it to be tight enough that the heel won't slip but the sole needs to have been broken...
Is there a restocking fee if you return seconds to an outlet store? I haven't ordered seconds in at least 3-4 years and in reading through the thread I understand that return shipping is no longer free but I am not sure if there is any other fee for returns. I am considering ordering 2-3 different pairs and keeping the one that fits and looks the best while returning the others to the outlet about an hour away from me. Thanks
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