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aware brahs .. rapes all around.
This was with a measuring tape.
noone ?
Just got this in the mail, infinite times better then the test shirt, which in hind site was about 3" to big in every measurement! I was able to take into account the base measurements they use for their slim shirts. Some details: Double button cuff, Medium cutaway collar (not as exact as the picture showed on moderntailor), Fabric o672, dark purple buttons, hidden placket, and darts... and I used the slim shirt template along with the straight back. I kept the right...
So my quads are around 24" .. and will be around 26" when done bulking. I just bought a pair of APC Standard (I'm actually inclined to think they are pettit standard ... bought them used) in 31, and man they are pretty darn tight. I actually have trouble lifting my leg to put my shoe on lol. Any recommendations???
Neck is definately a 16 .. guess it grew since I was a teen (15.5 back then) Yea its strange 16 is fitting so large. Well off to the tailor, will give you guys pictures later tnoight.
Don't have high expectations ... but when I'm being told from CT that this is even slimmer then their slim fit ... and shown the picture on the fit comparison, I expect it to hold some truth. Am I expecting a shirt tailored to fit with 1" extra material on each side OTR ... no. But I do expect not to have 4" extra material on each side. Pictures to come tonight.
Like most of them however the white poplin shirt I'm undecided. The material feels like a 300 thread count bed sheet of sorts. The details is nice, but material .. eh. Also, I still haven't figured out why this shirt is called a polin as opposed to the other shirts I ordered from them. I got the tailored fit, and while they are slimmer then most ... I'm still going to have to have them taken in on the sides (I'm 5'10 and 170lbs), and also the sleeves left me a lot to...
Would you do 100 on the New Polo Ralph Lauren Tan Cap Toe Oxfords
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