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aware brahs .. rapes all around.
That belt is so big and bulky i ncomparison to the slim fitting shirt ! Shirts not bad but the cuffs are def on the small side.
Just got mine in .. will post pictures of fit later tonight .. i only changed things about .5" in the waist and miniscule measurements in some other areas and quite a bit of the shirt changed from shirt 2 (weird). I kept the cuffs the same size, but they seems a little bigger this go around. Also the thin buttons absolutely suck. They are much much much thinner then my demo shirt. We shall see how it hold up to shrinkage.
will take a look when i get home ... was waiting to get some regular fabrics. hopefully they dont shrink, im having an issue wher im losing almost an 1" in all measurements!!
God it pisses me off too. If you want a plain white shirt (which should be the cheapest option IMO), you have to shell out damn near 150 bucks. I guess I'm just going to have a bunch of casual shirts to wear lol. Or once I get one that fits just like I want it I'll take those measurements and have a shirt crafted from a different site.
Marks .. a couple comments: 1. You should have got the split upper yoke. Would take care of the pattern discrepancy. 2. Chest is to wide 3. Shirt could be an 1" or so longer. 4.1-2" off the waist area 5. Shoulders could prob go an extra .5-1" off
Ah, we were talking about two different things. I thought you were saying if you were just entering your physical measurements, not off of a shirt. In which case you should enter them on a normal fitting shirt.
who says your "suppose to". had i choosen the normal fit my shirt would have been even baggier, compensating for more material means my shoulder measurements woudl have to be damn near 15"!
That's the consensus around here .. you never know how the shirt is ultimately going to come out until you receive it in your hands. Different looms, different stitching, different house/base cuts and measurements, etc etc. There's not enough measurements to replicate a shirt perfectly on the MTM sites IMO.
was sent to people who ordered before i think heres the code: 11121667006022 pretty sure its one time use only
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