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The new henleys are my favorite. love the drape and the fabric this season. Will order more of them
Nice. I have a V. If anyone has a IV and want to swap thinners I am down. Or any other equivalent IV items .
I am out of the loop a bit. I thought the black and blue ombre were suppose to be sweat shirts? Are they overdyes as well? Nonetheless i be copping
I think the red and black checkers already sold out. Bummer :/.
If only the stole in the preorder was in a blue-black colourway....
Just pulled the trigger on the Algae Autumn Weave from SP. Can't get a better deal then that for sure.
What jacket is that? Beauty! Plus the rose flannel !
Love my rock coat! Its been treating me pretty well.
I love you Mauro
I trust you Mauro
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