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In the future we'll all need to change into translucent disposable overalls and be strapped upright to wooden boards to fly coach. But hey, cheap and terrorist-free!
Find a long-term financial goal that will require saving and thrift to accomplish. Buying a house, paying off all your debt, taking a round the world trip, that sort of thing. When I was earning a decent amount and didn't have any kind of future plan I'd think nothing of dropping hundreds of dollars on clothing or entertainment items. Now I've set a long-term plan, every purchase is evaluated against the fact that it pushes off the day when I can accomplish my goal.
The buckles are small and the natural tarnish just looks like any other chromed buckle... most people won't get close enough to your crotch to read the monogram. I think it's pretty understated.
I have a couple of vintage ones that I picked up at an estate sale (1930s?). Love them. Had an Etsy seller make a few custom straps for $20-30 each to go with them. One is monogrammed with my first initial (coincidence, was on it when I bought it), the other is blank. You can get nice vintage examples for not much $$ from eBay, estate sales, jewelers that are essentially the same design as the BB/Tiffany ones. Think mine were $40-50 each and have a lovely patina....
Friends are always important, but so far my middle/high-school friends have been the closest. After that period there never seemed to be the time to dedicate to developing those close friendships - no 6 hours after school every day just hanging out doing nothing, or 3 months doing the same over long and lazy summers. No forced interaction through proximity - now if I fall out with someone we just lose touch rather than being forced to reconcile at school or because...
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Gordon Rush makes some nice super-minimal, slimline wallets in nice leather with minimal branding. I received one as a gift that has just 4 credit card slots (2 each side) and is very thin when closed. Retail is around the level of the Gucci, but there's a good discount at outlets/online if you shop around.
Moved from the UK to the US in my early 20s and it was the best thing I ever did.
Around $100-130 for a 1000sqft studio in a condo building, central Florida. Floor to ceiling windows look great but they definitely push those bills up.
Programming is saturated at the lower end, where you're basically a code-monkey. There's no real barrier to entry for programming - which means there's a lot of people who woke up one day and decided that they're programmers but 90% of them are terrible at it. There's also no best practices for the IT industry, so it's a case where you make whatever you can hustle. I know great IT guys getting paid $10 an hour because they're not business-savvy enough to negotiate more,...
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