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About $5,000 for 50 or so people, which is apparently very cheap but still seemed like a crazy amount of money to spend. We were (are) young, broke, and paying our own way. Pick one or two things that are very important to you both and spend the money on that. For us that was good food/booze and nice outfits (MTM). Get a venue that is nice in itself. Decorating large spaces gets expensive fast so get somewhere that looks nice without any extra decoration, supplies...
Quote: Originally Posted by Southlondongent moorish As in "these cakes you baked are sooo moorish" ^ Moorish I vote for "Webinar".
Quote: Originally Posted by Milpool What metrics are useful for determining expertise? Number of invited talks you give around the world? Nobel prize? Paycheck size? An expert is someone that knows more than their client I'm certainly an expert to my clients but put me in a room alongside the people who build the software I implement and I'm a drooling idiot in comparison.
A military issue M65 with the button-out quilted lining is incredibly warm, and cheap too. Mine's a black NATO issue that's served me well for 5+ years. Sizing is weird though so make sure you try it on first (I have a 42" chest and 26" arms and the XXS is still pretty big).
Quote: Originally Posted by lemmywinks If you have a blender, a banana and milk is a tasty drink. You can add other stuff like vanilla or honey or whatever but banana and milk does it for me. My father used to enjoy a breakfast consisting of mashing a banana with a splash of milk, and a slice of bread and butter. Delicious baby food... Also, when I was poor we lived off baked potatoes and off-label Heinz beans (9p/can) for days at a time....
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one Learn to make basic breads, and you will be ballin, flour is like what, a buck a bag? Yeast is a quarter a pack and you yield tons. I was given a breadmaker as a gift, worked out that a loaf of basic white bread (flour, water, sugar, butter/oil, yeast) costs about $.35c to make.
Would anyone be willing to download two files (around 250MB each) from demonoid.com on my behalf? Alternatively if anyone has a member code I'd appreciate that so I could do it myself. Edit: Someone sent a code. Thank you!
When I lived in Manchester there was a butcher that would sell hot chicken legs and wings for 25p (~40 cents) each, two of which would make a pretty decent meal. Edit: Counts as a restaurant meal as they had tables inside and would bring the food to the table.
Quote: Originally Posted by JMRouse Also, I didn't agree with the firing of Juan Williams. What he said was in really bad taste, but not something he should have been let go for. Williams wasn't fired simply for making remarks about Muslims, he was fired because his job as an analyst was to present the news in a neutral and objective manner. Becoming a nationally famous racist isn't a good way to maintain an air of objectivity, for himself or...
Quote: Originally Posted by ysc My Irish wolf hound, Lord of the Mists, would kill your wolf. Pick it up and shake it till it was dead. Just sayin' I have a Russian Wolfhound. It would take one look at that wolf and fall back asleep. Lazy-ass beast.
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