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Quote: Originally Posted by ysc My Irish wolf hound, Lord of the Mists, would kill your wolf. Pick it up and shake it till it was dead. Just sayin' I have a Russian Wolfhound. It would take one look at that wolf and fall back asleep. Lazy-ass beast.
Zara does nice slim-fit stuff at a low price point. Also, an alterations tailor can do wonders with an OTR jacket towards making it more slim fitting, if you find one that fits OK and just needs tweaking.
To follow up with this, we hired a local designer for a consultation. Picked a few whose styles we liked - some were not open to consultation (or offered a free initial meeting but required a 20 hour retainer to do any work), lots whose portfolios were not the style we were looking for. The designer we went with coincidentally did the work on the apartment building we're currently in, and specializes in modern/mid-century. She came over for an hour to review the...
Quote: Originally Posted by imschatz Spent a considerable amount of time/money picking out the right mattress, and it has made a huge difference. In my new bed I am averaging less then 6 hours a night, but waking up more energized and alert then 8-10 hours did on my old mattress. Any tips for mattress shopping? Made an exploratory trip a few weeks back and it was confusing - not sure how lying on one for a few seconds tells you what it'll...
Quote: Originally Posted by nihilbilly in a similar vein as the size question earlier, do you think a 45 would fit someone who normally wears 12-13's? If you're a small 12, 45 would fit snugly. I'm a US13 and have a pair of these in size 46 - they're tight at first but become very comfortable over time. Awesome shoes, I'm on my third pair.
I'm 6'6". The "high fashion" brands fit annoyingly well; Etro, Gucci, Prada, etc. all seem to be slim fit and have unusually long arms/inseams. Diors have 38" inseams that are supposed to stack a lot but on me are a pretty regular fit. Bit too pricey for everyday wearing, but they're a good place to look for special occasion clothing. Decent slacks often come unhemmed at 36-40" inseams which is great for us. Also, if you can find a good OTR shirt that fits in the...
Quit drinking alcohol/caffeine for a month (or any other drugs), after a week or two you might find you have much more energy. What's your mattress like? I currently have a terrible mattress and feel tired most of the time. When I stay in a hotel, I sleep like a baby and feel much more rested the next day.
Quote: Originally Posted by Violinist Ya, maybe the big puffy ones made by Lazy Boy, but some of the bastians of 20th century design have used leather, not to mention the older, beautiful club sofas. Isn't the La-Z-Boy an iconic piece of 20th Century design?
I've used http://www.changedetection.com/ in the past. Edit: There's a few other free services (eg. http://www.watchthatpage.com/ ); I'd try signing up with at least two to start (to make sure that you are definitely getting all changes) and then filter it down to one service when you're confident that it's accurate. Edit: Just noticed you want to scan for a particular word. These services just show if a page has been updated.
Quote: Originally Posted by epa LOL at the dress crocs. I think I get the idea. I still will wear some long-sleeve shirts but make sure to roll up the sleaves to aquire a more rural look. Thanks also for the 20%. Coming from a place where tipping is completely up to you, it is really nice to know. Don't want to give rise to any hard feelings, but likewise don't want tipping more than what is "expected". Rolled up sleeves sound fine. Would...
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