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Great show. "The League" is similar in that low-budget, sex-obsessed kind of way.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero Most wealthy people are too busy experiencing things that actually bring happiness rather than accumulating shit for its own sake. IME, most wealthy people are too busy working rather than accumulating shit for its own sake. Seems the richer people get, the more time they spend working because they enjoy it. If you're running a successful business, you don't have time to spend the weekend shopping for...
Quote: Originally Posted by highfalutin What is the best way to set up an IRA to have leveraged stock market exposure? What I have in mind is approximately 2:1 exposure to an index such as the S&P 500. If you have to ask the Internet, you probably shouldn't be buying stocks on margin, lest this happen. The Lifecycle Investing guys have not succeeded using their strategy, it's just a pet theory of theirs.
Plenty of fine (fictional) suggestions at the wonderful http://tvgohome.com/
Read Dave Ramsey, he's great for starting out. Follow up with Richest Man in Babylon and Millionaire Next Door. Ramsey's advice is not that exciting (pay off all your non-mortgage debt, hold 3-6 months expenses in cash, invest 15% into IRAs/pre-tax) but it is solid financial advice.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pantisocrat As a learned man, I visit a lot of museums, which inevitably contain a Greek collection of nude statutes among other notable collections. The sculptures always project life size figures of great beauty. However, many Greeks I meet in person are not as attractive. Why? As a lazy child with a lot of free time I watched a lot of American TV and movies, where the women were always beautiful and the men...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jekyll Richard Branson The myth of the college drop out is a logical fallacy: Some very successful entrepreneurs dropped out of school Therefore, if I drop out of school I am more likely to become a successful entrepreneur This is incorrect. The majority of self-made millionaires are college educated. Only 20% do not have a college degree (compared to 45% of the general population). 18% have masters, 8%...
This tacky POS is languishing unfinished near Orlando, yours for only $75m: Largest residential home in the US, 90000 square ft. 10 kitchens, so your chef has a different one every day of the week and two at weekends. 13 bedrooms and 23 bathrooms. In a fitting display of karmic justice for a property built by a timeshare tycoon, he's having trouble selling it because there's no resale market for the ridiculous thing.
Search http://www.ebay.de for "bundeswehr sportschuhe"
A well constructed argument is not necessarily an effective one. Are you interested in the theory, or do you just want to win negotiations? Watching 10 minutes of US political news is good proof that the great majority of people are swayed by arguments that have little basis in fact or logic. Similarly, the 6ft linebacker at the bar who calls you a douchebag is unlikely to back down when you invalidate his argument on the grounds of it being an ad hominem...
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