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Been awhile. Not sure if this has been brought up--I'm sure it probably has--because I haven't read the thread (sorry), but just an FYI FWIW. Ran into some sneakers recently, and boy, never again. You have to sell the same pair three or four times before you connect with a buyer who actually pays. I did get some satisfaction at hurling expletives at a fraudster dumb enough to supply his real phone number, but it's mostly sham accounts, and they're obvious fakes--set up...
Thanks. Learn something new every day.I learned the hard way about shipping to unverified PP addresses a few years ago. Had my account frozen and got all kinds of nasty threats from PP. There was apparently some concern about fraud, which I never understood (and which PP refused to explain). I got the money from the buyer (transaction was outside eBay) and he got the goods and neither of us complained. He might have been involved in something weird that had nothing to do...
Scoundrel (I think) alert. Sold a pair of shoes to a guy in Texas. I specify a three-day turnaround, but usually get things out quicker. This week, I didn't, and yesterday, the day before I had to get the shoes in the mail, I get a message from the guy: "Just confirming you got my email requesting change of address before you shipped." Okay... First off, the guy doesn't have my email address. Secondly, this was the first I'd heard from him, and a flag goes up, given...
Did you try again? I don't have a huge amount of selling activity, barely 100 transactions in the past year.
I've had really good luck getting through to eBay the last three or four times I've had to do it--pretty much an instant connection. I well recall the days when you had to hold for an hour or more, but that, for me at least, has been years.
But then I wouldn't get to wear it here, where every other person you see is a diehard Cubs fan.
Did you say that you used a tape measure? Hope you meant a tailor's tape as opposed to a carpenter's tape measure.I don't think that there is anything you can do about this. eBay reps aren't likely to know anything about measuring garments, so explaining it to them won't help. I say that I don't take returns, but I do--it's the only way to avoid negative feedback, and getting negative feedback removed is difficult. I'd say one in 50 items gets returned. It's a PITA, but it...
Yes, I got it back. Not sure, though, whether to re-list. I would do well to lose 20 pounds and wear it myself. It is actually pretty cool.
That may be true about an automatic defect. But, end of day, I'm not sure that it matters much, particularly if you're dealing with someone unwilling to resolve something informally.
That's a 44 short in my book.
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