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I have the shoes.
Worth a read: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/12/29/fashion/Fashion-Style-Trends-2013-Thrift-Shop-Miley-Cyrus.html?hpw&rref=fashion
Canadians are resourceful.
Checkout line at GW was so long today I would have split except for this. 60/40, detachable hood, down, near mint--no piling at all at cuffs, waist and neck--and cheap. Looking for some help (Nat, can you hear me?) The zipper is on the wrong side, Barbour style. Still, I'm guessing it's a men's, given, among other things, its size (I'm a good-sized large and it fits great). Is that the way Canucks rolled back in the day? Also, I'm guessing that the zipper pull might have...
The only thing that would make that shirt cooler is a pint of gasoline and a match.
A huge, huge shout-out to 330CK, who passed on a BB 3/2 vintage tweed for shipping cost. It is the absolute bomb, and it fits perfectly. It's going to be a regular wear. Couldn't ask for a better Christmas gift. Better than the cruddy Tom Ford sunglasses I'm going to have to flip on the bay. What a guy.
I thought about Rancourt, but Highland might be it--what faint remnants of the inner label remain (there is what looks like an "igh") had me thinking "Wright" but I didn't think that could be right, no pun intended. I didn't post photos of the bottoms, but the heel rubber comports with what I've seen on Cole Haans, a V sort-of pattern. Any rate, it was very cool to flip a pair of shoes based on photos and not labels. I made virtually nothing, but that wasn't the point....
I found a pair of tassel loafers today that weren't my size and had no discernible label except the size and "Made in Maine." I usually pass on stuff like this but I picked them up anyway because they spoke to me. I figured someone would want them and, sure enough, they've been claimed. I wish I knew more about them. [[SPOILER]]
Never found anything by this outfit before. Waxed cotton. It fits but is available--just not my style. [[SPOILER]]
I remember Rhodes!Yikes.
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