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Nice, love the Honda Fit. Great little car.
Quote: Originally Posted by SLSAMG I'm sorry Benjamin but I'm not in the mood for your silly little games. Lol, figures. If I claimed to own a car like that I probably wouldn't be able to prove it either. robotosan - Thanks for being on the competent side of things. I am aware that I was getting carried away, but he is just so fucking stupid I can't help myself.
Just do me a favor and prove you own that car.
Quote: Originally Posted by SLSAMG I'm not a troll but I'm honest, and you're actually right. I didn't purchase it myself...it was a gift. U mad? LOL. Think of me when your front wheel drive puny brake pos death sentence is spinning out of control. Why would I be mad because some douchebag child claims to have been given a gift? And as for the U mad? Holy shit son, visit body building forums much? That's all those muscle dummies say....
Quote: Originally Posted by SLSAMG That's exactly what it means. Go to bed. You have effectively proven yourself to be a troll. You are too fucking stupid to earn the kind of money that buys a 100,000+ car. The way you say that a Camry isn't safe just boggles my mind. It's probably not as safe as an S class, but shit bitch. Its a 25,000-35,000 car. What the fuck do you expect? I wish I could just punch you straight in the face. Twice.
Quote: Originally Posted by SLSAMG For your information, I was out "camping" i.e. in hell out in the wilderness in Colarado so clearly had no chance of renting a civilized car. It wasn't a far drive so I thought driving a pos Camry a very short distance wouldn't risk my health, but now I must say..it's a surprise I'm still alive to have to share the story. What a scary experience. Anyone who has experienced fine German engineering, and has had the...
I love the art in this pic.
Used? ew. I would pass on that just because of the colour.
Quote: Originally Posted by SLSAMG Useless data by lowly paid journalists who aren't smart enough (and lack the funds) to understand real world driving , etc...they don't hand out certain jobs (or cars) to just anyone. Even as a kid, I've always been suspicious of Asian engineered brakes and safety structures/systems when I would have people ferry my valuables to and from the main residence in the city and home in the hamptons. Any monkey engineer from...
Quote: Originally Posted by haganah Thank you! I'm thinking I will place the boxes in a small cabinet on the floor right next to the fireplace and I have to see if the landlord has the same color paint laying around before I put any big holes in. Now, does anyone know whether I should get low profile, ultra slim low profile, or if there really isn't much different in their spacing from the wall and I should just go for the tilt? I'd love to be able...
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