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Quote: Originally Posted by stillerfan07 There's a lot... Depends on what you like, I will throw in, in no particular order: Dexter Weeds Monk Tru BLood Curb Your Enthusiasm Arrested Development 30 Rock Extras Black Adder Fawlty Towers The IT Crowd That Mitchell and Web look I bolded my favs of this list. You should check out Modern Family, it's good. Tosh.O is pretty funny too. Have you watched Lost? That was a good show, I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nezero when do sales start to get rid of winter etc stock? Asking cause I'm in Australia and want to pick up some good winter goodies for Aus winter. Awesome avatar! Modern Family is a great show.
Quote: Originally Posted by mrhills0146 Sorry, this absurd article does not make timing CHAIN changes any more necessary. They aren't. Hit 200K miles and start mulling it over. I have daily-driven Mercedes Diesels with north of 400K miles on the original timing chain. This is a "while you're in there" item, but unless you are redoing the heads on a motor, you should never have to replace the timing chain. Calm down, that's just an...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pilot Most cars I've seen timing belts should be changed at 60k, timing chains 150k or never. This would suck balls. I'd change a timing chain even if it said never.
Quote: Originally Posted by mharwitt In-N-Out burger. it means...home. I once read a great article about a corvette. They guy travelled 1100 miles with his friend to go to the closest in-and-out. It was a good read.
Quote: Originally Posted by brescd01 Can someone explain to me, since I am supposed to have 2 cars if I own a Porsche and only drive the Porsche in pristine weather, what is the purpose of 4 wheel drive on the 911 and Panorama, both of which ship with summer tires? I know I am not a god enough driver to have a Porsche, but I am just curious. Have you ever driven a 4WD car hard? They have much better grip if properly set up. That's why the...
Sailor Jerry spiced rum. 46% pretty good too.
Lacoste cologne, your thoughts. Primarily this one
I got sick for the first time in maybe 3 years back in November. The cold lasted for about 2-3 weeks though. It sucked ass.
New years day, we went to a diner in London, On called 'Big City Diner' They have a big burger challenge and I got to see a pretty big guy attempt it. We had left before he finished, but he was making good progress when we did. Good luck, man.
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