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Quote: Originally Posted by mike868y wife beater. Preferably with a stain on it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 What about disregarding the coupon altogether and suggesting she pay for the whole meal? Or, you could say "Look, I brought the coupon to save you some money" Still expecting her to pay for the entire meal.
I slept through most of ep 2. The part I saw wasn't very entertaining to me. I think I'm growing out of cartoon humor.
Quote: Originally Posted by fathergll D:fi Extreme Hold I guarantee you this will give you enough hold. Much better hold that American Crew Fiber. Not as natural looking but you can do anything with it even if the hair is completely dry. Best stuff I know of if your trying to get dry hair to do anything. Im using it now but Ill probably go back to my old method which gives me more of a 'gel look'....
Quote: Originally Posted by EMY When Jamba Juice had buy one get one free, I picked 2 up and surprised my girl. Not a coupon, but I don't think I was cheap. 2 for 1, nothing wrong with that at all.
Turning Japanese - The Vapors
That was good for a laugh.
Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah fox fur That's uglier than a snuggie.
Quote: Originally Posted by mk.ultra I'm going to buy my first pair of Clark's tomorrow for casual wear. I know I should get brown for casual wear, but what shade? Also, should I get leather or suede? Thanks! I bought some Clark's just before X-mas and I love them.
Mine isn't on that list. There was only two starting with 'I'.
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