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Quote: Originally Posted by sleekblackroadster my lovely 2000 honda s2000 was stolen from me last week. first car i bought myself as a 4 year old used car. now it's paid off and only has 88000 miles on the odo and i was keeping it in excellent shape. put $3-4k in it this last year alone mostly preemptive maintenance. i was not looking to sell it anytime soon and therefore i am almost guaranteed to be severely let down by whatever settlement i'm...
Quote: Originally Posted by randallr Well I was REALLY sick for one night...now I just have a perpetual upset stomach. I guess it could be a stomach virues. Either way, there isn't really anything I can do but wait it out. When I was younger I got sick for days off some shitty Chinese food. Haven't been able to eat it since.
Went looking for some jeans today. I found some that I liked but they didn't have them in a 34 leg with a 31 waist, so I bought this sweater instead. I'll save you all the trouble of harassing me about the jeans and admit that they are too baggy.
I'm a huge fan of the shirt he wears walking out of his apt. in the opening sequence.
Quote: Originally Posted by Aptidude Uh, not Japanese but how about: Crystal Castles (Toronto) Starfucker (Portland) Crystal Castles, great choice.
I've got a pair of brown Clarks that I like. Where in Canada, primarily Toronto/London can I find 3sixteens to look at? I'm not big on buying clothes online, just because it's hard to find stuff that fits.
Quote: Originally Posted by chasingred Some suggestions 1. Take photos in a natural light. Or get GE Reveal lightbulbs. Right now there's a yellow cast on everything, which will affect the kind of responses you'll get 2. Size down one on the sweater. Try to have the seams sit on your actual shoulder line. 3. Get v-neck undershirts. Right now your underwear is showing. It'll also give you a cleaner look. 4. Tuck in your shirt. 5. I can't tell...
Quote: Originally Posted by thewho13 There's, like, this old ZZ Hat song called, like, "Really, Really, Really Well Dressed Fellow," or something like that - I don't know, I'm too young to remember that old timer music. But seriously, that's an awesome fit. This song? P.s. Drummer steals the show. Skip to :30 IMPORTANT NOTICE: No media files are hosted on these forums. By clicking the link below you agree to view content from an...
Quote: Originally Posted by halisray Camera timer app? damn I need one of those.. what's the name of it? It's called 'Gorillacam' it was free so no real complains, plus you can set it to take a pic when you touch anywhere on the screen. Thanks for the comments. The sweater is from the SF hated Banana Republic. Their sweaters seem to be way to short for me so I got the one size bigger. I now kinda regret it because it's even a little...
Excuse the poor pic, iPhone4 camera timer app.
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