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Be like "Hey, I've been watching you sleep through your window at night. Where did you get that nice duvet?" That will get her attention real quick.
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 I actually also got some beige 510s (don't care what people say, shit fits nice) so I tried it on with the boots. Sorry for the bad pics, it's best I could do. I like your boots in the first pic. Pants aren't half bad either.
Your place looks great, love the hardwood floors. I'm not a fan of all that marble in the bathroom though. Is the floor treated with an anti-slip coating of some sorts, or are you just really careful?
Quote: Originally Posted by GlenCoe most expensive car ever sold was 1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic you tool and it was something around $ 30 mil. That's correct, but it was sold in California, tool. The title of the thread reads "Most expensive car ever sold in SPAIN" Why is everyone so fucking stupid and missing that? Most expensive car sold in Spain The OP was correct.
Quote: Originally Posted by aphextwin07 QFT. hahaha. Is this supposed to be insulting? Three letters and a pathetic pie chart?
Quote: Originally Posted by Dashaansafin I thought the Bugatti Veryon was 2 mill? Please use Google, because with statements like this, it's gonna bring out the biggest idiots and turn this into another battle of the wits (or lack there of) Everyone thinking they know everything when in fact they don't know shit, like what the 3rd pedal on the left is for.
This was the car that sold for 12,000,000 and is the one I though was referred to.
Quote: Originally Posted by ErnestoG. some cooking i did recently. keep in mind im a college student with a limited budget haha roasted chicken seasoned with some indian spices, honey. roasted brussel sprouts topped with cheddar and some rice. chicken salad made with horseradish dijon mayo, lemon juice, peanuts, onion. You eat so much better than a friend of mine when he was in school. He lived off toast, KD, and milk.
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackhood Wasn't it a £12,000,000 ferarri? I know the car you're talking about. Didn't someone from the BBC buy it? But I don't think it was sold in Spain. Oh, and that Aston Martin is pretty badass. I dunno if I'd drive it everyday though, seems a little too flashy.
Quote: Originally Posted by sleekblackroadster my lovely 2000 honda s2000 was stolen from me last week. first car i bought myself as a 4 year old used car. now it's paid off and only has 88000 miles on the odo and i was keeping it in excellent shape. put $3-4k in it this last year alone mostly preemptive maintenance. i was not looking to sell it anytime soon and therefore i am almost guaranteed to be severely let down by whatever settlement i'm...
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