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I've been on SF for about 2 months. I've learned a little and observed a lot. There seem to be 2 groups, the DT people and the stuck up douchebags in MC/SW&D. I know I'm not the 'best dressed' but after seeing some of you, definitely not the worst. To you, my jeans may be too baggy, I'll admit they are a little looser than they should be. But some of the shit you fags post with your cuffed pants, bitch please. The people from DT. Dixture Eqiuette, please. How fucking...
Quote: Originally Posted by ahjota You do know that Montreal is generally colder than London. Weather for London, UK - Add to iGoogle 34°F | °C Current: Mostly Cloudy Wind: W at 5 mph Humidity: 93% Sat 41°F | 37°F Sun 42°F | 39°F Mon 42°F | 32°F Tue 42°F | 35°F Weather for Montreal, QC, Canada - Add to iGoogle 3°F | °C Current: Clear Wind: W at 6 mph Humidity: 67% Sat 4°F | -9°F Sun -5°F | -18°F Mon -3°F |...
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol Boo hoo dude, I live in Montreal. There are coats out there that are warmer, thinner, and better looking than this stack of tires. And that cut of jeans doesn't work for you at all. You do know London is farther north than Montreal.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol omg Do you ever post fit pics? Or just comment on shit so we have to look at that queer emo in your avatar?
Quote: Originally Posted by Nicola Rule number 1. If a shop clerk tries to give medical advice roll eyes and ignore. Hahaha, no doubt. Especially one as fucking ignorant as Suit.
Quote: Originally Posted by bl@ster Always purchase dark colored undies due to epic stainz. Is TP in short supply at your house?
Quote: Originally Posted by Svenn i never even knew what an ipod was until a few months ago, thought i'd buy one since the concept seemed pretty cool. I go to the store, it clearly says on the box that this ipod plays movies, i get all the itunes shit together, and now I'm being told my rented movies 'can't be played on this ipod'?? It's a little square one that cost like $150, conveniently apple doesn't say what model it is. The resolution and...
Dude, why on earth did you pick the crazy chick over the 20 something that was into you? Did she have some nasty growth on her face that you forgot to mention?
chicken teriyaki on parmesan oregano, toasted. With, lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, banana/jalapeno peppers, a little sub sauce and lite mayo. Every time.
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