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Black and brown, no thanks (I thought that was common sense already), although the first pic almost pulls it off...almost.
So it seems my left foot is smaller than my right one, since the left shoe is showing awful creases and the right one almost none, what do you do guys to compensate this? what is the best thing to do?
Does anyone here is an European 7 or 41 and have an Allen Edmons shoe? which size are you in an AE shoe? I'm that size and the fitting guide says I'm a 9 (nowhere near the conversion chart), having no chance to be in the store, the only reference I could get is from someone that is my size and has tried some AE shoe. Thanks!
Hey fellas! I wanted to buy the "Strand with Combination Tap Sole" AE shoes online (so I can use them in winter), but I'm pretty much scared about the sizing. I downloaded the fit guide from AE's website and my measurement according to the guide is 9.5D, but in the size conversion chart (on the same fit guide) says that a 9.5 would be an equivalent to 43.5 size which I'm definitely never been, my usual size would be a 41 - 41.5. That would not be much of an issue If I...
Yeah, those are terrible. About jeans, there's not much to choose from, the most decent would be Levi's since I don't think you can find selvedge, raw or any type people always discuss in the Street wear and Denim forums.
Agree, the rise is too damn low. They are supposed to be BB's slimmest pants so I guess there isn't a milano with high rise? It sucks because they're great on sale as you said.
About the Alpha Khaki, What does Dockers mean by "Break'em in like jeans. Wear 'em like khaki"? I don't understand Jeans language so I bought these and have no idea If I should expect or do something about this.
I've seen them plenty of times, and they seem to be just a little better than Guante, but overpriced. They are still squared pointed shoes and IMO they look weird.On a side note, there's a Loake's store in Isidora Goyenechea 3000 I visited the last month which looked good, but saw nothing I liked.
What did you think of Boden? I have one of those and coincidentally for me, they have the same measurements than my Brooks Brothers slim fit shirts. It's nice to configure the shirt almost any way you want it, but I didn't like the quality of the buttons. I definitely prefer my Brooks shirts overall, and for the price, they can't be beat when there are sales. By the way, there's a Boden in Santiago Centro, which is closer to your location than Providencia. I remember...
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