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Thanks alot guys, that was really interesting and helpful.
Hey guys, i bought a pair of Alden Cordovan Chukkas from a german dealer. Just a quick question: Is this how the Cordovan shoes usually come out of the box, with lots of polish still on it ?
Hey guys, what exactly is the antique edge trim ?
Are the preorders on Leather soul a monthly thing or do they just pop-up every now and then ?
Thanks so much bro Do you guys know how often they run the Alden pre-orders on Leather Soul Hawaii ?
Hey guys, can you give me a short sizing advise ? Is Barry last 12.5 E wider than Trubalance last 12.5 D ?
Doesn anyone know when the next big sale will be, ....January, February ?
Thanks so much!Gotta find one now, looks like that aint easy
Mhh good question! I guess im open for any suggestions, but i`ll be im happy if the price is reasonable Main wish is that it looks a bit (or exactly *cough*) like the one on the picture. A little baggy, not too much, but rather low profile. Thanks so much!
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