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interested depending on price
Most of the people who have posted in this thread as far as i know have been in shape but for those not so inshape will this a TaT suit work? Obviously something in the house cut may be too slip but will the conservative cut work out assuming proper measurements are taken?
Wow bought Cardigan/Sweater and shirt all in medium. ALL TOO BIG.
What makes the elephants different from just normal indigo? Is it just more rigid? I already have a pair of nudies in indigo but want another pair of denim. I like the look of NF, should I just get the blacks in Skinny Guy or is there a vast difference between say the elephants and my nudies?
I already have a pair of nudies in indigo but other than black denim, are there really any other colours to consider? In terms of the lower end brands is it just pretty much APC and N&F?
Quote: Originally Posted by LClooney If the quality really is that of h&m, I'd just try to find one from h&m. I've been wearing a $13 cardigan from there for a few months, and while it looks and is cheap, it's totally been worth the price, if all you want is some cardigan. link?
School them on inflation.
when do sales start to get rid of winter etc stock? Asking cause I'm in Australia and want to pick up some good winter goodies for Aus winter.
Quote: Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty they don't ship to australia
how to buy GAT? The ones on only ship to Germany (or somewhere in Europe). DOnt really want to proxy.
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