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Actually cb_32 is correct. Girls don't even know what they want. It depends on what girls YOU like. Generally speaking don't think some Glamazon would like a guy to be looking at a indie hipster kid.
Obligatory Toilet Pic Country Road Knit Pierre Cardin Tie Topman Shirt Fillipa K Loake Savoys
Quote: Originally Posted by Roper Klacks First WAYWT post: [[SPOILER]] Unknown brand T-Shirt, Schott Perfecto 118, Levi's 511 Corduroy, A Pair of chucks. I think the jacket may be one size larger than it should have been. Opinions? In my noobie opinion, the tshirt makes the jacket look like a joke. It would be like if you drove a Ferrari but still lived at home. A plain white tee would look better. Same with the chucks. I know chucks don't get much love...
Quote: Originally Posted by BeingBot [[SPOILER]] Gant Rugger Epaulet Epaulet Epaulet Are the sleeves of the jacket and pants similar colour. The lack of contrast looks a bit weird too me.
I'm a UK8/EUR 42 which according to sizing charts translates to US8.5. What size should I go for?
To add even more options, i forgot to mention what about white's semi dress boot?
Can't be bothered reading this thread but you failed when you decided to play her games.
First WAYWT pic. No shoes cause I'm at home 'studying" Critique welcome
Hey guys. With summer coming to an end in Australia although it being quite shit, I'm looking at putting aside money towards some boots for winter. Now the requirements are that they have to withstand rain but there isn't any real snow in Melbourne so I don't have to worry about that. I guess the problem is I like a lot of the boots around but I'm wondering what would be the most suitable an easily changable from wearing around university to going out and about at...
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