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Is the measurement guide available online? Or can you upload it.
I'm a 8EUK in Loakes. I thought that correlated to 8 on Brannock Device but based on what someone else said where they said they are 9->42 EU this does not compute. What colour would be the most versatile?
Wow I want to get a pair of boots and may have found the ones. What will be the most versatile out of the 4 colours? I'm also a 8E on brannock device... what size should I get? Thanks guys
Inb4 don't buy bootcut
just got a pair of black power strech Skinny guys by NF. Do I need to soak?
Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent Warm & sunny. Seiko 5 on Hirsch strap Details on strap?
What movie is that?
Actually cb_32 is correct. Girls don't even know what they want. It depends on what girls YOU like. Generally speaking don't think some Glamazon would like a guy to be looking at a indie hipster kid.
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