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Selling shoes Purchased these from here off DonRaphael. Turned out to be too small. Worn by me only once. Previous listing here http://www.styleforum.net/t/508014/drop-19-11-mint-carmina-simpson-10003-double-monk-dark-brown-suede Including his usage, only been worn a total of four times. Maker: Carmina Size: UK8 (standard width) Last: Simpson Style: 10003 (double monks) Leather: Dark brown suede Sole: Leather sole with metal toe taps Included: Original box + dust...
Pm sent
Heading to NYC soonish and wanting to pick upa pair of boots. I love the look of Wolverines 1000M + Redwings GT. Anything else in that price range that I should be looking at? Thanks
Need to get a carry on luggage and thinking of the weekend bag. I already have a backpack + tshirt from everlane and love hte product buts wanting some opinions on how the weekender would do as a carry on. Take note I also have checked in luggage so it not going to be my only bag. Just thinking if I'm spending $$$ on a bag I might as well get something great looking and useable in the future. Thanks
I was interested in getting the weekender bag as a carry on luggage but I'm quite doubtful now.
How to size the Thorogood boots? I'm like an 8(UK) in Loakes and a 9 (US) in Chucks
Tried a 9 and 8 on. 9 was good but felt a little loose 8 was tight around the width. This was with dreas socks on. Should I opt for 8.5
Can anyone help with Sizing? I'm interested in a Stow boot. I'm an 8UK on Loake capital last. I'm pretty sure i'm an 8F on Brannock and 9 on Chucks. Thanks
Need some sizing help since there is no local source for AE shoes. Interested in getting a pair of PA in black. Anyhoo I'm an 8UK F in Loakes. What size should I go for?
Rekaris Shoes on Lonsdale st is good too
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