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Pm sent
Made an order last night and just checked my email and saw I typed my address wrong (S instead of an F). Went to the website to try and sent an email etc the page has been suspended... OH NO!
Heading to NYC soonish and wanting to pick upa pair of boots. I love the look of Wolverines 1000M + Redwings GT. Anything else in that price range that I should be looking at? Thanks
Need to get a carry on luggage and thinking of the weekend bag. I already have a backpack + tshirt from everlane and love hte product buts wanting some opinions on how the weekender would do as a carry on. Take note I also have checked in luggage so it not going to be my only bag. Just thinking if I'm spending $$$ on a bag I might as well get something great looking and useable in the future. Thanks
I was interested in getting the weekender bag as a carry on luggage but I'm quite doubtful now.
How to size the Thorogood boots? I'm like an 8(UK) in Loakes and a 9 (US) in Chucks
Tried a 9 and 8 on. 9 was good but felt a little loose 8 was tight around the width. This was with dreas socks on. Should I opt for 8.5
Can anyone help with Sizing? I'm interested in a Stow boot. I'm an 8UK on Loake capital last. I'm pretty sure i'm an 8F on Brannock and 9 on Chucks. Thanks
Need some sizing help since there is no local source for AE shoes. Interested in getting a pair of PA in black. Anyhoo I'm an 8UK F in Loakes. What size should I go for?
Rekaris Shoes on Lonsdale st is good too
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