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15% off and free shipping on items in your dreambox
Quote: Originally Posted by BlackToothedGrin I love barneys sales. They cut deep and still allow returns, which for me is crucial because I can never try things on before buying. Bought a thom browne oxford a few weeks ago at 40%, realized it was cut really long (size 4), so I simply returned instead of having to deal with B&S or settling for an expensive item you're not happy with. When your miss rate is pretty high, which it is for me because I like...
Quote: Originally Posted by g transistor When are Barney's second mark downs and generally how much are they? Barneys sale is horrible. I ordered 3 items, all of them got canceled..... the last cancellation email came in this morning, 9 days after i placed the order
wish they were smaller.... a related question: is martini slimmer than the mainline?
it looks really nice!
nice cardigan! seems more like a S
Quote: Originally Posted by Harbin fit where? it's a mistake, let it go, guys.......
Quote: Originally Posted by mayday You might want to change the title of your original post..... !!!a terrible mistake
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