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Does anybody know of any London / England equivalent to the much lauded Thick as Thieves suit makers? They seem to have unbeatable prices for decent canvassed suits and yet they're unparalleled (by my reckoning) in this country [England]
Is it customary to request that the tailor, when hemming unhemmed trousers, leave a certain amount of fabric unhemmed on the trouser? Or should they, as I expected and have previously experienced, leave at a minimum 1.5" or thereabouts, or at least some material? I've just received back four Incotex trousers that have been hemmed but unbelievably they haven't left any material unhemmed to be released: I asked for 31.5" inseam but it turns out I've miscalculated by 1/2"...
Quote: Originally Posted by Rankiz If you were inspired by the way the dressed before, what would you do to make your suit/outfit more linked to that period? A specific dress jacket that will fit well? Big loops the picture I linked to, was that normal? Any specific shoes I would opt for? If you know anything about it, feel free to share. How about the Regency 'bad boy' look:
Quote: Originally Posted by w.o.e.is.me. no 32s? Ed, please let me know if you get any of that Blue in 32. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by Clark Equus offer handmade leather belts, made in the UK, for very affordable prices: http://www.equusleather.co.uk/index....-products.html Looks very promising!
Hi all, I'm in dire need of some decent / quality belts; I'm aware that there are quite a few good American online shops that offer quality gear at a good price, but was wondering if anyone can recommend English sites that offer equally good products? Looking to spend up to 50 quid, Cheers, Shane.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dashaansafin Again, saying a ton of nothing and hiding the fact you didnt even know what an investment banker does. Pray tell, what is your profession? I'm not saying, nor have I ever said, anything of detail on the financial crisis. I know what an investment banker does, thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mystic-poot I've been looking at Herring Shoes, showed a couple to dad and he's told me that anything above £140 is unreasonable for shoes. I'm going to be wearing them with a £300-£400 suit. Is this true? You have to determine what proportion you're paying for the brand, craftsmanship, and the materials used. In some instances your dad is right, in others he isn't.
Quote: Originally Posted by archetypal_yuppie Ahh, refreshing. More generalities and blanket statements, with some incorrect assumptions based on nothing mixed in. Guess what, I'm not a banker. Had you known that, would you have called me haughty and arrogant? I wonder if there is bias involved. Fooling anyone into what? Petty insult? No. I've just gathered from your rants that you have a certain perception that is not tied to reality, and I'm...
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