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I'm going to do just that. They've arbitrarily left upturn on some and not others - that isn't on, really; I didn't think I'd need to specify that they leave some material on the upturn - I think it was a commonsensical point and certainly I've never had this problem before.And ter1413, the only thing I can do is ask for my money back and/or credit at the store: I spent £80 on those trousers (work done on the waist & hem) and now they're unusable so I'll have to sell them.
What do you mean? The trousers were unhemmed so they had a 37" inseam which was reduced to 31.5, but with no material upturned - that's the bizarre point of it all.
Yeah I will do that from now on, though poignantly I dropped off seven pairs and didn't really have the time to try each individual pair on: the annoying thing is that they've arbitrarily not kept any material in the inside leg: three of the seven have 1.5" of material that can be released on the leg, so they're salvageable, whereas the rest haven't any material at all, so it seems as though they've cut all the material off at a whim. Very frustrating.Though having said...
Excellent news, as ETF said, there really is a niche in the UK for decently priced Italian wares. Should do well.
None at all - that's the point: they literally left nothing upturned, they hemmed them as if they were jeans. The trousers weren't cuffed so I can't even go down that route.
Point taken. Looks like I'll have to view it as a very annoying (and expensive) lesson; does seems like a commonsensical point to me though that they leave some material left, it's all well and good them measuring but what about shrinkage or even future saleability? Oh well - if anyone wants some size 32 x 31.5 trousers let me know!
Does anybody know of any London / England equivalent to the much lauded Thick as Thieves suit makers? They seem to have unbeatable prices for decent canvassed suits and yet they're unparalleled (by my reckoning) in this country [England]
Is it customary to request that the tailor, when hemming unhemmed trousers, leave a certain amount of fabric unhemmed on the trouser? Or should they, as I expected and have previously experienced, leave at a minimum 1.5" or thereabouts, or at least some material? I've just received back four Incotex trousers that have been hemmed but unbelievably they haven't left any material unhemmed to be released: I asked for 31.5" inseam but it turns out I've miscalculated by 1/2"...
Quote: Originally Posted by Rankiz If you were inspired by the way the dressed before, what would you do to make your suit/outfit more linked to that period? A specific dress jacket that will fit well? Big loops the picture I linked to, was that normal? Any specific shoes I would opt for? If you know anything about it, feel free to share. How about the Regency 'bad boy' look:
Quote: Originally Posted by no 32s? Ed, please let me know if you get any of that Blue in 32. +1
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