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Hi, I have a 14.5" - 15" collar measurement (more so 15) but a chest that befits 19.5" - 20" - as you can imagine, it's very, very difficult finding quality shirts that fit into that pretty specific range of measurements. There are many shirts that fall into the 21"-22" chest range that I could buy, so my question is this: is it a pretty simple process in slimming, say, a 22" chest size shirt to, say, a 20" chest size?
I would have thought that anything more than 8" will look messy because your jeans will envelop your shoe. Jeans look best when they sit just above the shoe; anything else I find looks a bit messy.
It's a shame about C2 missing the belt loop - makes them pretty much unusable; I'd be interested in them if they could easily be repaired: does anybody know whether that'd be a pretty easy job for a tailor?
What sizes are these ThinkDerm? All 38/40?
Hi there, What's the measurements on these?
Same as above really, I'd be interested in 32 wools.
Spoke to the owner today and he agrees that it's highly unusual they haven't left any material on the upturn; I'm going to take them in with a view of amending the ones that do have some material and reimbursement for those that don't.
Yeah I would of - when I looked at them when I got home the first thing that crossed my mind was they hadn't left any material on the upturn. If they fitted perfectly I wouldn't be as fussed as I am, but given that they're ever so slightly too short I'm a bit annoyed, especially as I've spent £80 on them. I definitely want that back in cash or store credit; 31.5 isn't massively short so I reckon I could probably get £40 or so back for each on the sale forum here. So long...
Yes I get that! But my issue isn't with the hemming itself, my issue is that they've left no material on the upturn, so there's no margin for correction / adjustment, hence my post: I'm asking whether it's normal practice to leave nothing unless specified, my view is that it isn't and that I shouldn't have to specify categorically that they leave material on the upturn; I think my point holds some credence given that they have left material on 3 out of 7 of the trousers....
Because all of the trousers were unhemmed, so they had a 37" inseam - they've cut literally all the fabric off so it measure 31.5 without upturning any material at all; 1.5" upturn is pretty standard for dress trousers, that's usually at the minimum, it could be a few inches more, the reason why they do that is pretty obvious: to cater for the possibility of shrinkage (whether through washing or dry cleaning) and for the saleability of the garment.Indeed they did do what I...
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