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I'm going to be really pernickety here but it is one my pet hates: You don't refer to the Prime Minister as 'PM [then name]' - the rational is that the Prime Minister HAPPENS to be a particular individual, the point of that is that the PM is supposed to be the equal, but the first, of Members of Parliament; referring to him as 'Prime Minister Cameron / MacMillan' is an Americanism, and particular, a derivative of Presidential styles of government. I'm being anal but it is...
Uniqlo is okay but it isn't the greatest. Smedley looks good but was wondering how they fit? 21" across the chest would be okay so long as the arm holes are high and it tapers / is a slim fit.
Any help at all?
I've done a forum search on this and had a little read of a few other threads - Basically, I have a small(ish) chest which equates to about a 20/20.5 chest measurement for a perfect fitting jumper, at the moment the best fitting jumpers I wear are Lyle & Scott Vintage (size large) which is about 20.5" across the chest. I like Lyle & Scott but the logo is a bit garish and quite frankly I don't really want a large golden eagle emblazoned on every single one of my jumpers -...
It isn't really - fear of the unknown allows you to hedge your risks: unknown variables are essentially risks, that's why you buy insurance. You might get burgled... or you might not, but to control that risk you buy building / contents insurance; warranties are sold on the same principle.
Hi, Are these traditional / slim or extra slim? Cheers.
Hi, What's the material on these? 100% wool? Cheers.
You're not supposed to store whiskey on its side because it ruins the cork.
You're probably right - I tasted the whiskey with the cork in it and it didn't taste any different at all; however, that being said, the high alcohol content in whiskey can dissolve the cork and the thought of a dissolved cork in and amongst my drink doesn't sound very appealing; I'd imagine that would have some sort of effect on the taste.
Okay, but that's equally applicable to whiskey - the same chemical that coats a cork in wine bottles is used for corks in whiskey, the only difference, I think, is that because whiskey has such a high alcohol content the chemical is neutered and doesn't really have too much of an effect - the only danger is that the high alcohol content dissolves the cork, which may in the long run have a pretty bad effect on the whiskey (hence my question). That's why you always store...
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