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Hi, What's the material on these? 100% wool? Cheers.
You're not supposed to store whiskey on its side because it ruins the cork.
You're probably right - I tasted the whiskey with the cork in it and it didn't taste any different at all; however, that being said, the high alcohol content in whiskey can dissolve the cork and the thought of a dissolved cork in and amongst my drink doesn't sound very appealing; I'd imagine that would have some sort of effect on the taste.
Okay, but that's equally applicable to whiskey - the same chemical that coats a cork in wine bottles is used for corks in whiskey, the only difference, I think, is that because whiskey has such a high alcohol content the chemical is neutered and doesn't really have too much of an effect - the only danger is that the high alcohol content dissolves the cork, which may in the long run have a pretty bad effect on the whiskey (hence my question). That's why you always store...
What does it mean then?
I've solved my problem - Decant the whiskey then do this little trick: Then job done!
I just opened a £50 bottle of bourbon - Noah's Mills - only to find the thing has corked... needless to say I'm not best pleased. I had a taste and it seems to be okay; I'm reluctant to throw away a whole £50 bottle of whiskey - are there any issues with storing or the longevity of a corked whiskey? It begs the question of why distillers still use corks...
I don't think it is cut in as such; looks a pretty normal pocket, the corduroy is black / dark grey so perhaps that'd obfuscate any lines if there were any. I'll ask them.
Hi all, I have another question that I hope you can answer to placate my worry - Recently bought some nice corduroy trousers but didn't notice they had a pocket on the trouser leg, i.e. around about where the knee is. It's nothing overly conspicuous but all the same I'm not overly keen on superfluous pouches on my trousers - call me old fashioned but I like four pockets each around the waist ! Anyway, I'm under the impression I could get a seamstress to remove this extra...
As always, thanks for the advice.
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