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It's his financial loss - using his wealth as a battering ram against the values of the French Republic won't exactly endear him to Frenchmen.
To be honest, nobody really cares what you're degree's in; all the pep talk that teachers give you: 'university is a necessity' or, 'maths will teach you X Y & Z as a personal - read unquantifiable - skill' is mostly verbiage. That being said, if you're looking to get into actuarial work then maths will be a necessity and you should definitely do it.
People with maths degrees tend to gravitate towards actuarial / analytical work in finance; that's especially pronounced in insurance: the entry pay is amongst the highest but it tends to have a glass ceiling. If you want to be a broker I don't know why you're bothering with maths?
Hmm, I've bought mostly their higher end Rushdens (£180+) and found them to be top notch, especially when it's easy to get them for more than half that on ebay. Admittedly, I haven't gone for the lower priced shoes, like the Dylans (which look awful) so perhaps that's where people are drawing their conclusions.
I was just perusing the Grenson website and came across these that may be the much discussed 'G1': http://www.grenson.co.uk/en_gb/shop/acklam http://www.grenson.co.uk/en_gb/shop/egton They generally look quite nice. I don't really know why the new Grenson doesn't get a lot of love here: if you're a younger bloke then Grenson offer the best range of stylish shoes at affordable prices, and I'm not talking about RRP - it's very easy to pick up Grensons off of ebay, brand...
Ahhh okay, not to worry.
Where are you based? UK or US?
Out of style? Absolutely not - it's about what looks good and what doesn't:Above is tapered - it's crisp and clean.The above is straight leg - it's sloppy and messy. It's even worse if you're wearing shoes because it completely envelops them.Your jeans will last an absolute lifetime as well if they're tapered because they won't be scrapping against the pavement: they sit just above the shoe rather than falling all around it in a big mess.As for the highlighted text, the...
Bizarre - in my neck of the woods, myself and nearly all my friends (24+) tuck their shirts in - it just looks better, checked or not.I don't think it looks 'dorky', but it does look crisp and clean - it only looks good though if your trousers / jeans fit properly: if they're a straight cut and form a big mess on top your shoe then it probably wouldn't look all that great. Your jeans need to taper.
Why does he need to give up jeans? He's not ancient, is he. Jeans look good if they're the right colour and the right fit. As I said above, go for the tapered Levis 519.
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