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Quote: Originally Posted by newinny What do you consider a young age? Straight out of university, i.e. straight out of doing a BA.
Quote: Originally Posted by tom153 I smoke one once in a while. Still smoke cigars for the most part, but a pipe is really nice once in a while when just relaxing and wanting something different. Love the smell. One thing is for sure, you better not smoke any cigars after the pipe because it just makes them taste like shit. I think I prefer the pipe because there's greater variety in tobaccos (and it's much cheaper!). Any particular blend you...
Quote: Originally Posted by newinny To echo the five hundred posts before your thread, b-school is 40% recruiting, 40% networks, and 20% education. I'm glad you decided to bless us with your wisdom. I'm learning a crap load but that's just me. Anybody here heading to HBS, Stanford, Wharton, Sloan, Kellogg or Booth? My pleasure. Strangely, in the United States they seem to get it back to front, meaning, if you're relying on business...
Quote: Originally Posted by CunningSmeagol Then why do they recruit them in droves? I think most people recognize that the MBA is about branding your resume and attending the World's Most Expensive Yet Effective career fair. Esp for career switchers. As I said, it's seen as a standard qualification. And you're exactly right, that's all it is: a badge or a brand.
Quote: Originally Posted by Flambeur Thank you for adding your clearly well-thought out opinion to this thread, we are all better for it. Sorry, were you expecting an essay on the merits of an MBA qualification? Incidentally, what I wrote is essentially what many in the business world think of MBA's.
The adage is clearly referring to networking.
MBA's? Load of rubbish; their popularity ebbs and flows, but at the moment they're seen as a standard qualification.
Any pipe smokers? I see there's a pinned cigar thread but there must be a fair few pipe smokers as well?!
Love cigars, but definitely prefer a pipe!
Plain blue shirt with dark purple cuffed chinos - sorted.
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