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Looks very smart and will great with some white chinos - real preppy look.
Quote: Originally Posted by J. Cogburn You could just go and try one on. No other way to know for sure. If there's no store near you, just order the small and return it for a medium if it doesn't fit. My experience - which is limited - is that J. Crew stuff is sized just a bit on the trim side, but not excessively so. I can't - I live in England and as far as I'm aware they don't have any shops here?? Otherwise I definitely would go and...
These shoes need a lot of TLC; they look very dilapidated.
Hi all, I'm planning on buying some J crew shirts but just wondering on the sizing for a small? I normally buy small for everything with my shirts being about 19 - 19.5 P2P - would the standard small for J Crew be of a similar dimension in terms of P2P? Any help is appreciated, Shane.
Over the weekend I'm going to be uploading a fair bit of stuff (so there's more to come, mostly Penguin merino wool / lambswool jumpers of varying colours, all medium); I'm open to offers on ALL items (so don't be shy!!) - price includes UK postage (for international delivery, contact me and I'll sort out a price). Everything is a medium. Gitman Vintage - Flannel Shirt - New without tags Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Looking for...
Hi all, I want to buy a few shirts direct from Hamilton's but I'm a bit confused about the sizing: I'm usually a small with a fitting of about 19" p2p but the sizing on the website is throwing me a little bit - need some advice from those that have bought some Hamilton shirts; would a Hamilton small be good? Do they fit TTS or should a size up? Any help is appreciated. Shane.
The WWM jacket looks awful from these photos but here's essentially what it is: Uploaded with ImageShack.us As I say, I'm open to reasonable offers.
Hi all, have some bits and pieces for sale and I'll be adding some more Original Penguin, Gitman Vintage and Garbstore in due course. Items ship from the UK so if overseas please PM if interested and I'll sort out P&P costs. Woolrich Woolen Mills knockabout shirt - orange - Medium - Mint condition (worn once). Selling because it's a little too large for me. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us looking for $90. Woolrich...
Just bought this jacket from Yoox by Woolrich Woolen Mills: It fits very well on shoulders, arms etc. but it isn't fitted around the waist so it looks a bit 'boxy' or 'baggy' when done up; undone it looks fine, but obviously the ideal fit is seen when its buttoned. It doesn't look atrociously bad but at the same time it'd look much better if it was fitted. I'm completely ignorant here so I'm wondering whether it'd be an easy job for any tailor? Or if there would...
Okay, I'll PM you.
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