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^^^^ Yeah it does, cheers for that. I take it you're normally a 34 then for pre-soaked LVC? I reckon I'll go for my usual waist & soak them whilst wearing them in the bath.
I'm going to try shrink to fit for the first time - 1954 501. What's the recommendation for waist size? LVC is TTS, and I always buy a 32 waist - so should I be buying a 32 waist in the shrink to fit? I assume it will shrink 0.5"-1" in the waist - which will be too tight - but well stretch out to a true 32 after some wear? Is that generally the rule? Or should I be sizing up to a 33 waist or even 34 waist? But then wouldn't they stretch too big after wear? If anyone...
Already spoken to End and they said they haven't determined whether they'll be receiving any stock (which is a bit weird to be honest - I'd have thought they'd have an inventory of what they're stocking for this year) - I haven't tried Oi Polloi.I bought a fair isle by Jamieson from End last year - I remember they listed them just before Christmas and they do indeed sell out really quickly - it's because they're so cheap for what you get.
^^^ Drakes fair isle are almost definitely made by Jamieson, you're right. Does anybody know of anyone in the UK that'll be stocking Jamieson fair isle's this year? The price difference between Jamieson & Drake's rebranding is enormous - Jamieson normally sell for £90-£100 whilst Drake's are £160 - obviously I'd rather buy a branded jamieson than Drakes and save 60-70 pounds.
Has anybody got any pics of the RRL straight leg? I've got some measurements for a pair I'm looking at and it looks as though they'll fit in the waist; I'm after some looser fitting jeans but I'm having a hard time visualising them - I've looked at fit pics and the fit varies enormously: from borderline slim to full on baggy. Any help?
Just got a pair of these but I'm confused whether they're washed or not? The label is a bit generic and does mention 'shrink to fit' but it's not very clear whether it refers to earlier models in the 501 series or these particular jeans. My ones are 1966 - 501 - customised - made in Turkey - cone denim. Doing a bit of research and it seems the raw (shrink to fit) versions are made in America whilst the prewashed versions are made in Turkey? Can anyone shed some...
The heal only usually slips for the first week or so as they're breaking in - a bit of heel slip, intitially, is normal.
If it takes you a 'year' to 'break' in a pair of shoes then clearly they're too small for you. It shouldn't take a year to break a £160 pair of shoes. Buy a little too big than too small.
Hi all, Thinking about getting one of these: https://www.woolrich.com/woolrich/main/browse/productDetailColorSizePicker.jsp?productId=6135 But I'm unsure on the sizing - I'm a regular UK medium (I'm sure it's the same as the USA) - do you reckon a regular medium would be ideal on this as well? Or does Woolrich come up pretty big? Normally have a bout 21" / 21.5" in the chest for my shirts; 22" across for my jackets / coats. Any help is appreciated.
Hi - I can't find my other thread that I started - was it removed? If it has, and I'm breaking the rules, I apologise, however none of the mods have contacted me to say as such? I'm reposting but if it countermines the rules then can one of the mods let me know please? Anyway looking for a proxy from the USA to UK, private individual with good reputation & standing etc. Many thanks, Shane.
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