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Any suggestions for pants and shoes for these two items? Probably will wear the coat more often. I live in Canada if that helps. So far I am thinking of dark jeans and brown shoes. [[SPOILER]]
Well-done, with lots of ketchup. Just kidding, I prefer mine medium rare.
Quote: Originally Posted by b1os Well, you don't need Z23 for a Cuba Libre... Cuba Libre comes from Cuba, Havana. So the only appropriate rum is Havana (3 años). If you however want a Guatemala Libre and are willing to pay about 10$ for it - okay. But in general you are right, Bacardi is overhyped crap. Woops, haha I meant that since there was only Bacardi around I mixed it to satisfy my rum craving because I can't really drink Bacardi rum...
Craving for some rum, and only bottle I have is a Bacardi Superior... I made a Cuba Libre with 1&1/2 oz of Bacardi Superior, juice of half a lime, and filled the rest with coca-cola. Not the worst rum in my opinion, but it kinda tastes bad I really need to get a bottle of Ron Zapaca or El Dorado, but wasn't able to find any in stock the last few days unfortunately.
I'd say tell your stance to her first, so that both parties will know what's going on, and so no regrets or "surprises" will happen later on. Or you can always just do it and think about the complex stuff later.
You could also trade for them. If your area has any good craft beers available or if you already have them, you can try and find somebody that has Westvleteran beers and see if they're interested. If you do this though you'll probably need a few good craft beers that can be hard to get to intrigue the trader, like KBS or Dark Lord for example.
^^ Wow, scenery looks very nice. Just finished my last bottle of El Dorado 12. Good rum.
Quote: Originally Posted by PandArts A little Sam Adams Oktoberfest in the hotel bar! [[SPOILER]] Wow, Oktoberfest released already? Or is it from last year's autumn?---Sipping some El Dorado 12 right now.
Guinness Foreign Extra Stout. Pretty nice stout, better than the Extra imo.
A bit new to the world of pipe tobacco, but I have had some Nat Sherman Empire English and Dunhill Nightcap. Both were pretty good, really enjoyed the Nightcap. A friend recently gave me some Rum Flake from Gawith, Hoggarth & Co., and I plan to enjoy it sometime this weekend.
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