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Quote: Originally Posted by spoozy Trou seem a bit of, compared to the rest of your outfit. Rest is a good start... Thanks. They aren't as bright as they appear in the picture, the color balance of my camera is rather crap. It's more of a flat red, not so shiny looking. What kind of trousers would you go for with that outfit?
Hiya! My first post here in WAYWRN, and also just slowly discovering my interest in men's fashion, so please be tolerant if I'm making any amount of elementary faux-pas here. At the same time, please don't hold back with constructive criticism, I'm trying to learn here. Apologies for the weird camera noise going on in the second picture, my camera is crap, but I included the picture anyway to get a better view of the hat.
Quote: Originally Posted by line_skogans that outfit is going to be super bold. props for that. more power to you and enjoy the new year. Thanks, I think it worked pretty well, didn't want something bank meeting boring.
Quote: Originally Posted by cigarsmoke I would vote for brown shoes. How red are the socks? As red as red can get. Set your computer to 255,0,0 - and that's how red they are. Pocket square is navy blue with dark green and red pattern on it. I'm thinking navy belt and black shoes right now.... gotta head out of the house in a few minutes.
Quick advice: + Navy pocket square, red socks. For a party, not business environment. Any changes? What color shoes?
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS Absoutely Nothing! Call me old fashioned ... but a black suit never looks good ... and I mean NEVER. Just today I stopped for coffee ... and each of the five men in line ahead of me was wearing a black suit. One even had a fairly well made suit -- I noticed a bit of nice hand work -- but all of them looked so dead ... so lifeless ... so washed out ... both suit and wearer. The black suit is the uniform of the...
Quote: Originally Posted by TheWraith Debaufre and Steinhart used to be one and the same company, but have split in recent times and, from what I've heard, Steinhart are now the inferior brand (though I'm sure there will be some who disagree). Make of that what you will. I just read some similar opinions to yours on watchuseek. The thing that is a bit concerning is that, despite Debaufre being made in switzerland, they distribute via the US,...
Quote: Originally Posted by TheWraith I think Debaufre offer their Submariner homages in a variety of coloured bezels. Try their online store here. I hear their quality is very good. Thanks for the recommendation. I also found a Brand called Steinhart, selling similar watches, also swiss made, but somewhat cheaper. Perhaps I shall have to peruse and get some more information there.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr.K I believe Alpha makes a homage in that color. Just do a google search for Alpha. Thanks a lot for the hint, I found it. Quite reasonable price - any knowledge on their quality? I shall google around a bit.
Since this thread has partially shifted from replicas to hommages, I think I can pose my question here. Quote: Originally Posted by TheWraith Heck, if you're looking for a Submariner look-alike/similar looking watch, there are plenty of options out there: Debaufre Steinhart Christopher Ward And there's plenty more, but those are the three better options IMO. Those are some nice watches. Does anybody know of any watches...
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