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Hi, nice thread acecow! This style of clothing conforms much more to my own style than the fully suited typical MC look, only that I'm much worse dressed than you. Here's yesterday's summery fit: Beer season has got me sporting a slight gut, but I'll be losing it soon
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria ^ Basics before patterned hanky, for the luv of God! - B Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier What Vox said. These colors don't work together at all. Thanks for the honest feedback. Any specific ideas which color to get rid of / replace? Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter Jacket also looks about 1-2 inches too long. If that's a regular, you need a short. It's a (40) Long. I have the...
Quote: Originally Posted by barims [[SPOILER]] barims, you truly are one fly dude! Here's an overcast summer day for me - definitely need to get my jacket sleeves shortened. fun socks [[SPOILER]]
Experimenting with a 7" hem on my trousers. I think it's a little bit too slim, making my size 10.5s look boatish. 8" is probably the better opening size for me.
Hi Sebastian, thanks for this thread (as well as the 38L thread). Lots of useful information in here. I'm not quite as lanky as some of the members in this thread, but I'm still of the tall and skinny type. Quote: Originally Posted by Sebastian_Flyte Rule #2: pants can be tapered below the knee for $30 Funny how I didn't learn this till the age of 27. The beanpole man can usually find pants that fit passably in the waist and thighs-- it's his tiny...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nelton Awesome shirt, where's it from? Cheers Nick Thanks. It's an OCBD by Hilfiger - my only horizontal striped shirt, which I was trying out in accordance with the very helpful information in this thread - not really sure the vertical stripes work with the (DB) blazer though :-/ .
Sorry for the redundancy in my two images - the pocket square slipped down into the pocket on the shot of which I prefer the pose. It's a blue gingham cotton square. The trousers need some taper below the knee in particular. Went for dark colors overall, as the last day of spring has turned out to be one of the coldest and most overcast.
Hello! I don't post often, but here's a summery fit for me. Including all the classic aspects of SF WAYWRN photography (the mirror self-shot, the PG-pose, the Anthony-Weiner looking-down-at-my-genitals-view, and the belt-trouser-jacket-shirt closeup). No bathroom shots or faucet genitalia though. Consisting of: beige linen trousers, blue microgingham shirt, navy wool blazer, violet silk PS, panama hat, brown belt and sockless (I know, I know) loafers. I definitely...
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker I changed into a solid navy twill tie after seeing the pics. I was trying to pick up the brown from the shoes up north, but I didnt love how it came out. Did I make the right move? [[SPOILER]] Those Trousers! Very jealous of those - details?
I'm not really a tie wearer, well in fact I only had one normal tie (other than my bowtie), and I usually just wear my shirts open necked. But I saw some quite affordable ties, so I picked up a few... Going to start wearing ties occasionally (not that I ever need to), and I tried to stick to more basic patterns for the most part. The one in the back is actually red white & navy, although it reads red from a distance. (I was going to post in the soporific tie...
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