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Oh, now it all becomes clear! DistintoSignore has figured out what thousands of economists have been wondering about - the US was downgraded due to too many of it's financial employees wearing button down collars.... finally we know.It's quite popular down here by the alps - we call it Russn!
Too long? Or too loose? Might just be the perspective. Does it still look too large in this image?Anything else constructive what makes this a "No"?
Yes, shirt sleeves are too short, but it's the only white shirt (tux shirt excepted) amongst my 25 shirts, so I made do with it. New better fitting one coming next month though.
Summery day! Before I get any flack on the Thom Browne-esque length of the trousers - they are minimal break, they were simply rolled up two rolls to keep them from getting dirty while I ride my bicycle Details:
To be honest, I have absolutely no idea on the details of the jacket. It's second hand, and I can't find any labels in it anywhere - neither brand nor materials.All I can tell you is that it's wool, fused, and the buttons have been replaced. Sorry.
Basic security guard - no socks, no tie, no square [[SPOILER]]
Colorful argyle:
Wow, I thought it was supposed to be summer. So cold an rainy today I had to throw on my coat.Trying to add a bit of summer color with the pink shirt - the coat is charcoal, not black. [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for the praise! I have some other tighter sweaters as well, but I felt like the camel color that day.Wow, you're quite the talker, I can tell you're a psychiatrist! :PAnyway, you make some good points, and I agree with much of what you said.In any case, there's been much debate of what is MC Casual, what is MC, what is SW&D. This is obviously a subjective topic, but in my opinion these truly are 3 separate categories, although obviously each one overlaps with the...
I agree. I've made the mistake of taking pictures from a low vantage point, and discarded them once I viewed them on my computer. I find that approximately neck height makes for the best photos - so if you're going to set the camera down with a self-timer, at least find some kind of ledge or shelf.Viewing pictures of yourself on your computer is very helpful in general though, I find it often reveals much more than just looking in the mirror. Similar to how your voice...
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