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The Borrelli shirts are about the same price on sale at Saks. Don't know much about the other aforementioned brands and prices. Non-sales prices Europe is definitely cheaper but sales prices in New York is about the same as those in Europe.
Thanks, G. How did I miss that? But no austere broque I want. Did Ian mislabel St. Crispin as made in Austria, I believe it's made in Romania.
I checked Ian's site 2 or 3 weeks ago, I don't think there's any St. Crispin then and I just checked the site now and there's no St. Crispin now.
Quote: Originally Posted by LARon This has been my week; after receiving my two pair of G&G bespokes, I've now also received the EG MTM monks ordered at the Mansion trunk show back in March. For all those who say monks should not have a medallion, BEHOLD (click on the thumb for a larger view): (RL's exclusive Barretto w/Bamford medallion) Great choice and good call on the medallion!
The details really come thru with bigger pictures, they're ridiculously beautiful and I could just look at the soles all day long. Are the 2 G&G the same color? Now that you have a very decent rotations, I think your plan to have one bespoke per year sounds very good provided your future bespokes are the same caliber as the two G&Gs.
Quote: Originally Posted by LARon Three eye V-front derby Hayes Trees They're amazing and incredible. Congrats on your commissions. Although there may be some small details I'd like to tweak here and there, but overall they turned out great. They look like a piece of art, especially the soles. I'd also like to see bigger pictures (bigger than 320 X 240).
Nay. Choose the one that pleases you the most. I've seen very good examples of roped shoulders. They can be very flattering, depends on wearer's physique.
Scientists are researching clues to identify gays, from speeches, way people walk to hair growth patterns, CNN reports: So whose SF member gaydar readings are off the chart?
Great haul. Someone mentioned EG Carter was in fact the same as RLPL Carter, EG was just selling the leftover stock. I think EG Ecton is the closest to Carter. I love calf & suede combo too, but they're pain in the @$$ to clean and polish.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Did anyone actually receive a Beaman coat? The velvet jacket dude. Was it Carson?
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