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Very sad indeed. What a classy grand dame. Her son is douche bag, daughter-in-law a golddigger. NY Times has a more detailed obit, with slide shows.
The congestion pricing plan is back on: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/08/14/ny...l?ref=nyregion
Is there a FCC rule prohibiting ownership of 2 major newspaper in the same market?
John Lobb Vale Harborough Brooksland
One thing I like about Barneys warehouse sale is that it marks the beginning of an end of summer. Goodbye heat, humidity and casual summer. Hello chilly nights, bright days, cool crispy air and falling leaves. Bring out the worsted pinstripes and suede semi-brogues.
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan What about Vass, G&G, and St. Crispins? Kiton and Berluti? I don't recall AP bought any Kiton, G&G and Berluti. Only a handful of St. C and Vass is not nearly to the extent of JL and EG.
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek TX is actually at the bottom of my list for that reason. I'd probably only move there if nothing suitable was available in my preferred locations, just to get myself into the US. Who knows how much of a limiting effect the need for sponsorship will play. Has anyone ever sponsored employees to come down from canada before? Is it generally a pain in the ass for them? It's only a matter of time. How long does...
WOW, I am impressed by J and his influence, and AE. Yes, don't forget to post pictures of this special edition AE, made especially for you. You owe it J and AE for those pictures. Now, let's see if EG and JL are going to do something similar for AP.
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek I think i'm going to say goodbye to canada at the end of next year. I'm trying to paint a better financial picture of what things will look like if i decide to move down there. The one thing everyone warns me about is that i'm gonna have to pay for health insurance if I move to the US. Chances are that i'd be working for a mid-size to large high-tech/IT company with a salary in the 70-90k range doing really nerdy...
Quote: Originally Posted by kolecho When you do a cash deal with discount, there is no VAT refund because the deal is, obviously, under the radar. Also, shipping is in addition to quoted prices. I hear Vass charges a lot for shipping. That's correct, you can only opt for either cash discount or VAT refund, not both. Also, Vass doesn't ship RTW to the US.
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