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Artemide warehouse sale Up to 80% off Nov 13-15, 2009 Fri & Sat 10am to 5pm Sun 10am to 3pm 1980 New Highway Farmingdale, NY 11735 631.694.9292 Waterworks Overstock Sale Nov 13 Fri 10am - 4pm Nov 14 Sat 9am - 4pm 60 Backus Ave Danbury CT 06810
I got my Asus couple months ago, 11" screen, 9 hours battery, and weighs only 2.75 lb. Love it. I use it solely for travels. Perfect for trans-Atlantic flights, getting online via wifi at hotels, cafes. And I dump all the vacation photos from SD card into the netbook at the end of each day.
Quote: Originally Posted by rnoldh v R, Sorry about your cat. It's tough losing them. But be aware your cat was a "Tuna Junkie". "A cat's sense of smell is 8-12X that of a human. Tuna oil to them is fresh cod liver oil to us, only they LIKE it- and it's addictive. Know how you feel when you enter a kitchen where a pie's baking in winter and coffee's brewing? Fish is a salivary gland kick starter for cats. If you feed your cat that same "˜smell'...
Worn by Pavarotti for Tosca:
Mine loved (past tense ) tuna water, the water that canned tuna packed in. The tuna itself not so much. As soon as I opened a can, no matter where she's in the house, no matter how far she's away from the kitchen, she'd materialize spontaneously and instantly like a ninja as she'd traveled to the kitchen through a wormhole. I still don't know whether it's the smell or the sound of the can being opened that triggered her appearance. I had been experimenting by...
Don't know whether it's a glitch or they're having a sale that I don't know. I just bought 4 tickets @ €15 each that normally sold for €130/ea. I was in process of buying of a pair of tickets but my total came to €30 instead of €168. So incredible I checked the next higher price level, yup, same €15. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they won't cancel the sales. I remember this happened here before, (IIRC it's H&K for $30 and Alden cordovan for $150)...
Wonderful thread. Any info on Kielman's pricing?
Mine liked melted ice cream, I made sure I left 2 table sponeful for her every time I had ice cream.
There're some micro miniature airplanes made of ultra-light material, then you glue a comatased fly or flies to the plane. When the flies wake up, watch the plane takes off. Very cool.
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