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Quote: Originally Posted by Sylt this thread marks magical "page" 888 and noone celebrates. how anticlimatic... In before page 889.
I am really puzzled & baffled by some of the choices here as the ugliest buildings. The "Fred and Ginger" building is totally awesome:
On Ku'damm:
Count me in, I am US 10.5D.
Quote: Originally Posted by luk-cha sorry VR, not your finest Vass by a long shot - might be better if they had the heel counter! but any hows hope you still enjoy them! Quote: Originally Posted by walneal VR great Vass. I like your choice sans heel counter gives the shoes a bespoke touch...if without a rear seam Quote: Originally Posted by Rusty G. Now this Vass is a good looking elegant...
John Lobb Saint Crepin 2009:
Axel Bohne of Berlin bespoke starts at €2,450. The stores also carries RTW makers, AE, Trickers, Carmina, & Alt Wien (by C&J)... The store manager, who introduced himself as the maker's nephew, was kind of a dick.
Planning a trip to Berlin & Prague, what are the stores and makers worth a visit in Berlin & Prague?
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