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Saks 5th Ave. flagship additional 50% off already reduced price on 12/26 from 8am to 12pm, 40% off after 12pm. All men's sales are consolidated on the entire 9th fl.
Why did you poast this in the CEespool? BTW, the politically correct term is "happy holidays."
Quote: Originally Posted by forex Is the sale in store only or can orders be placed over the phone or through e-mail? Pricing info would be nice,I hope to find some of the pairs that I have on my list. thanks for the PSA. Here's a link to Edward Green's last sale: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=125425 which explained everything.
What're the prices? Currently £1=$1.60.
I much prefer calf length. There's no need to shorten the coat, or the pockets will look out of balance.
$425k for a souped-up Z4? It's nice, but not $425K nice, may be $100k nice. There're so many better and more exotic choices at that price level or below.
What a beautiful bird. The first thing I noticed was the wing curve, the wing tips bended all the way to the top of the fueslage and that just for an empty plane, the wing flex will be much more pronounced when the plane is fully loaded. Quote: Originally Posted by Étienne They responded by designing the A350. From what is known the A350 will be very similar, but the body will be even wider. It is slightly larger than the B787, so it is actually...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sylt this thread marks magical "page" 888 and noone celebrates. how anticlimatic... In before page 889.
I am really puzzled & baffled by some of the choices here as the ugliest buildings. The "Fred and Ginger" building is totally awesome:
On Ku'damm:
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