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3 hours till the sale starts. Have anyone got any email regarding the size and model list for the sale yet?
I wouldn't buy an orphan car. Terrible resale value and parts & service issue.
Take a guess of the maker:
Vass P2(I think) last with commando sole: One more shot John Lobb 2009:
A wide selection of sizes and styles of T&A, and some Kiton suits @ €800 at Quartier 206 outlet called "Last Season" in the basement of the main store, Friedrichstrasse 71, Berlin, Tel:49(0)30 2094680.
Saks 5th Ave. flagship additional 50% off already reduced price on 12/26 from 8am to 12pm, 40% off after 12pm. All men's sales are consolidated on the entire 9th fl.
Quote: Originally Posted by forex Is the sale in store only or can orders be placed over the phone or through e-mail? Pricing info would be nice,I hope to find some of the pairs that I have on my list. thanks for the PSA. Here's a link to Edward Green's last sale: which explained everything.
What're the prices? Currently £1=$1.60.
I much prefer calf length. There's no need to shorten the coat, or the pockets will look out of balance.
$425k for a souped-up Z4? It's nice, but not $425K nice, may be $100k nice. There're so many better and more exotic choices at that price level or below.
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