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Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel That's hot +1. Quote: Originally Posted by bengal-stripe This pair are equally hot. Looks a bespoke version of City Boots from EG & Lattanzi commissioned by Asprey. Can you tell us more about those 2 pairs?
Quote: Originally Posted by srivats These are very harsh words to describe someone who has shared a lot of knowledge on the forum. I hope you gentlemen were just joking about bengal-stripe. +1000. Totally uncalled for. I can absolutely understand Manton's feeling toward that poaster.
Look wonderfully even with the no-so-good picture, take another one outdoor with a proper camera.
Button boots p0rn. Zak of Vienna: Weston's faux version:
Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy Awesome boot VR... I have one in the same family. You just refreshed my memory, I actually got the idea from you and made it in U last sans medallion Quote: Originally Posted by Michael Ay329 Von Rothbart...excellent choice of the U last. Rounded toe lasts don't do this gorgeous boot justice Steel eyelets, Goyser stitching, brown pebble grain leather are a wonderful combo for...
Has anyone with money owed been made whole since they resurfaced?
Vass U last Theresainer high boots Goyser sewn double sole in brown Scotchgrain:
If Dean & Deluca is too obvious, try Lady M, Bouchon Bakery, or Almondie. I once bought a raspberry yogurt torte from Demel to a dinner party, it was a huge hit. There's nothing philistine to bring a New York cheesecake from Junior's, even Demel makes it at their Vienna store, you can dress it up with homemade coulis or Valrhona chocolate souce.
Quote: Originally Posted by mussel Awesome boots, the toe is very Italian. I especially love the contrasting piping, the only other time I saw that was on a pair of Scherer posted by another member. I don't know if that's a coincidence or an Austrian thing. So I'd guess the maker is Austrian, but then the toe is very un-Austrian. So I am confused. Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl there's nothing like an un-austrian...
Bear in mind £1 was close to $2 last sale, now £1=$1.60.
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